Clinical study highlights the benefits of menstrubation

Clinical study highlights the benefits of menstrubation

A six-month clinical study into menstrubation – masturbation during menstruation – has revealed that it is almost as effective as relieving period pains as conventional medication, with 42% of participants saying the former and 43% the latter.

The study was conducted by Womanizer and menstrual cup maker Lunette, under the supervision of Dr. Christopher Ryan Jones, a clinical psychologist and sex therapist.

486 people from 19 countries participated in the study. In terms of age, 36% were aged 18-24, 51% were 25-34, 12% were 35-44, and 1% were 45-49, with the median age being 27.

The study utilized an experimental design whereby participants first gave an inventory of their current symptoms during menstruation, back in June 2020. The results served as the baseline for this study, whereby all other data were correlated.

Over the following three months, participants were asked to refrain from taking pain medications for their menstrual symptoms and masturbate instead. All participants were given products to assist them during the trial and each month they were required to report on the level of menstrual pain they experienced while utilizing masturbation techniques.

These results were analyzed and correlated with the baseline inventory to determine if there had been any reduction of menstrual pain. Upon the completion of the three-month trial, participants returned to their previous methods of pain control in October 2020 when they reported on their symptoms again, in order to determine if there were any long-term benefits associated with masturbation and the control of menstrual pain.

The study has confirmed that masturbation has both a short- and long-term effect on period pain.

Dr. Christopher Ryan Jones commented: “I have always been a big advocate for masturbation as part of a healthy self-care routine. In a world that still associates masturbation with shame, it’s always been important to highlight the many benefits of masturbation. Through this study, we have been able to empirically demonstrate that regular masturbation is an effective method for managing menstruation pain. These results are significant for clinicians who are educating their clients of the health benefits of masturbation, physicians working with individuals seeking non-pharmacological pain management, and the many vulva owners who suffer from menstrual discomfort.”

A more in-depth look at the study can be found in the April issue of ETO and you can read the full report online at

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