Experience a Playful Spank with's Paddle Collection! Unleash your naughty side and dive into the thrilling world of sensual play with our diverse range of paddles. Designed for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts, our collection offers a variety of styles and textures to satisfy your desires for a little spank and tickle. From soft, teasing paddles to those that deliver a more assertive touch, find the perfect match for your playful escapades. Whether you're exploring new realms of pleasure or adding to your collection, our paddles promise to elevate your experiences with a perfect blend of pleasure and a hint of kink. Indulge in the exhilarating sensation and let every tap open doors to unexplored delights at

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Sex and Mischief Xoxo Paddle - Pink SS921-16
Sex and Mischief Heart Impression Paddle SS760-40
Saffron Ping Pong Paddle SS480-33
12 Inch Leather Impression Paddle - Baby
Orange Is the New Black Slave Slap Paddle
Sei Mio - Tyre Paddle - Black - Bondage & Fetish Toys
Fetish Fantasy Series Rubber Paddle - Black
12 Inch Leather Impression Paddle - Heart
Glo Bondage - Paddle - Green - Bondage & Fetish Toys
Only 2 left!
Sex and Mischief Enchanted Heart Paddle SS099-20
Saffron Square Paddle SS480-30
12 Inch Leather Impression Paddle - Slut
Brat Paddle - Black / Rose Gold
Only 1 left!
Fetish Fantasy Extreme Silicone Paddle - Black
Scandal Round Double Paddle SE2712281
Only 3 left!
Sex and Mischief Xoxo Paddle - Black SS100-63
Electra Play Things - Paddle - Pink
Only 1 left!
Sex and Mischief Studded Paddle - Black SS099-04
Sex and Mischief Heart Paddle SS099-31
Spectra Bondage - Paddle - Rainbow