Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators are the rock stars of the sex toy world. Rabbits have appeared in movies, TV shows, magazines, and tabloids all over the globe. But what makes rabbit vibes so different from other types of sex toys?

Rabbit vibrators trace their name back to their signature feature – a clitoral stimulate shaped like bunny ears. These bunny ears are generally long and thin, allowing them to vibrate extremely fast. This gives rabbit vibrators a light and playful tickling sensation, which many women find ideal for clitoral stimulation.

But that’s not the real reason behind the shocking popularity and success of rabbit vibrators. Most sex toys – including other types of vibrators – focus on stimulating one erogenous zone at a time. Anal beads, for example, focus on anal stimulation, while G-Spot vibrators are intended primarily for G-Spot stimulation. Rabbit vibrators, however, break the mold by stimulating multiple erogenous zones at the same time. A single rabbit could feature a curved tip for G-Spot stimulation, rotating beads for vaginal stimulation in addition to its signature bunny ears. Some rabbit vibrators might even feature an anal teaser as well for backdoor fun. All this extra stimulation makes it much easier for women to have an orgasm while using a rabbit vibrator. And that’s why women worldwide love their rabbit vibrators so much! 

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Bumping Bunny - Rabbit Vibrator - Opal
Thumper - Rabbit Vibrator - Wild Aster
Hop to It - Rabbit Vibrator - Dark Purple
Little Rabbit - Deep Teal
Rapid Rabbit - Vibrator - Black
Tap That - Purple - Vibrators
Sadie Silicone Finger Vibrator - Pink
Kusha 420 Series Crystal Gems G-Spot Vibrator -  Green
Hailey 10-Function Vibrating Rechargeable Dual  Vibe - Purple
Victoria Crystal Gem Dual Vibrator - Pink
Leah USB Rechargeable Silicone 10-Function Rabbit Vibrator - Pink
Skyler Silicone Bendable Rabbit - Purple
Skyler Silicone Bendable Rabbit - Green
Karlin USB Rechargeable 10-Function Rabbit Vibrator - Purple
Dream 10/4 Function Rabbit Vibrator - Pink
Klio Triple Action Thumping Rabbit Vibrator - Dark Purple
Somebunny to Love - Pink
Rabbit Vibe in a Bag - Black
Loki Wave 2 - Base Blue
Loki Wave 2 - Violet Dust
Loki Wave 2 - Black
Pretty Love Catalina Global Remote Series - Purple
Pretty Love Butterfly Kiss - Purple
Pretty Love Melanie Powerful Thrusting - Purple
Princess Bunny Tickler - Purple
Heat Up and Chill - Black - Vibrators
Lick Me - Triple Stim Vibe - Purple - Vibrators
Shimmy and Shake Velvet Rabbit - Blue - Vibrators
Contour Kali - Blue - Vibrators
Contour Zoie - Pink - Vibrators
Contour Demi - Purple - Vibrators
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Obsession - Desire - Purple
Pretty Love - Chris - Vibrators
Pretty Love - Gene - Vibrators
Pretty Love - Freda
Pretty Love - Bert
126 results