Vivid Raw Fuck It - Mouth - Ivory

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Indulge in tantalizing climatic release with the Vivid Raw Fuck It masturbator. The anatomically correct, ultra life-like feel stroker features a super tight mouth shaped opening for the ultimate BJ experience. The sensual, super stretchy and ultra tight textured chamber is designed for mind-blowing arousal and stimulation. The mainteance free masturbator sleeve is made form super smooth and soft, unscented Pure Skin TPR, and measures a compact 5.25 x 2.5/13.25 cm x 6.25 cm.

The erotic Vivid Raw Fuck It Mouth stroker has an inviting super tight parted lips opening and an internal chamber that delivers intense suction and satisfaction. To experience blow job ecstasy, slide your erect penis deep inside and allow the pliable chamber to engulf you. Apply stimulation by sliding and gliding the sleeve back and forth. To extend your orgasmic enjoyment always use a quality lube with this toy. The chamber is ideal for first-time and experienced users, and perfect for indulgent self-gratification. Play out your wildest exotic fantasies with the ultra silky, super-soft and stretchy masturbator.