Kitsch Kits - the Bachelorette Kit

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Now that you're tying the knot, you'll be needing this fun little pleasure bag to get the party started! It vibrates, whips and plugs...and it never watches football. You may never leave its side.

Crimson Vibe: This cyrstalline, multi-speed vibrator is ever so pleasureable to the touch, and features a sexy red interior that shimmers with sensuality. The perfect size...might even be a little bigger than him.

but little pain, while a fun acrylic handle with bold, black beads add even further to your "Fifty Shades" of frisky. In bright, vibrant red, for light, vibrant play.

Donut Cock Ring: An ultra thick and strechy cock ring with tight-yet comfortable sizing; it makes a hard-on harder and the turn-on longer! In clear cherry, for just a bit of color while you're making all those off-color remarks. Body-safe, phthalate-free. Go ahead, ring him up!

Crimson Finger Play Butt Plug: You'll love put a ring on it! Super fun and naughty, this clever little demom will have you quivering at the flick of a finger!