We Are Married and He is Bisexual

We Are Married and He is Bisexual

Bisexuality in women is more common and it is even fantasized by both men and women.   Bisexuality in men does seem to be more of a Taboo topic of discussion.   Many people still have memories about HIV and AIDS from the 80’s and 90’s. There is that fear that these viruses can be more likely to be transmitted by Bisexual man than any other sexual orientation group. This is called biphobia. It is part of the stereotype about being a bisexual man. These stereotypes also include that they are more likely to be cheaters and unable to be monogamous.  

Another stigma that people have as well is the belief that being a bisexual male and having sex with other men are not only fewer masculine but also not a good partner either inside or outside the bedroom.   However there is a study out there in the School of Health and Social Development that “Women who are in a bisexual relationship with their partners are far superior lovers and even better spouses and fathers than the average straight man.

My friends Edward and Molly*** were kind enough to talk to me about his bisexuality. Edward is tall and has a very masculine presence around him. He is an auto mechanic and looks every bit of the part down to the dirt and grim under his fingernails. This 37-year-old man is also father of three children. Though he does have a sexual preference towards women, he still has a strong sexual attraction for other men. This has been a feeling that he has had since he was a teenager growing in rural Georgia.     For Edward, having sex with either a man or a woman is quite amazing but for different reasons.

“I have a very loving and supportive wife who is also bisexual”, stated Edward. ”She has never had an issue about my own personal sexual preferences. Though we have had threesomes with both men and women in the past. I have made a choice to be with her. We are both 100% secure in our relationship the other has more options to cheat on the other”.

Molly has a very strong presence about her. Though she is almost 40 years old, she has the appearance of someone who is ten years younger than her.  Molly says that she knew that there was something different about Edward because of how open about sex and willing to try things suck as anal play and pegging. “When he talked to me about being bisexual, we looked at other options including BDSM and even a poly relationship. We discovered that neither option was a fit for us. We decided to bring in a third woman or guy for threesomes or to be intimate with another couple whose both partners were bisexual as well”. “Our rule”, Molly added, “is that we both have veto power if we have a bad vibe about the other person. We trust each other enough to realize that it isn’t a jealously or an insecurity issue- it just isn’t a good fit for the other person.”

***Names have been changed

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