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It’s most likely missionary since that’s usually the first thing that comes to mind when having sex, but, of course, it’s not your only option. Here’s a new position you definitely need to add to your sexual life for some much needed variety:


You’ve probably done spooning before, but really never knew you were doing it. The spooning position is named after the way two spoons are positioned when they are side by side when bowls are aligned. It’s more of a rear-entry sexual position, where your partner is mounting you from behind as they would in doggy style, but you’re lying next to each other on your sides. Actually, spooning is one of the “basic four” sexual positions and can be very intimate for its cuddling position.


You can enter either the vagina or the anus in this intimate position and it’s really not just limited to just two people, either, making it a go-to position if you partake in group sex. The receiving person is in the inner spoon position, while the one penetrating is the outer spoon. As for penetration itself, you can either separate your upper bodies and just connect your pelvises, with your legs on top of each other, or you can cuddle and snug up to each other for a more intimate act. And for much easier penetration (as well as deeper), the person receiving can lift their upper knee, which allows for more intense pleasure.

Spooning also allows for lots of extra loving given the angle that you’re in. The person who is penetrating can really do a lot of things with their hands, such as caressing their partners stomach and stimulating a woman’s breasts during heterosexual sex. They can even tickle the back of their neck and ears (or kiss this region) and even stimulate the clitoris by reaching around to finger her as they penetrate behind. For homosexual play, the penetrator can stimulate the partner’s scrotum and even provide a mini hand-job if they can reach around that far! As for the person in the front receiving, they can do a host of things in this spooning position. For instance, they can stimulate their own genitals. A vibrator can easily be introduced while spooning, adding even more pleasure for the receiver as they get penetrated from behind.

Many receivers love this position since it provides for deeper penetration and the ability to stimulate a woman’s G-spot, which can provide a pleasurable orgasm. There are also a few variations to this position, including having the couple lying on their sides looking at each other face-to-face or challenging themselves to try the scissors position. And, of course, anal sex is also very possible and pleasurable while spooning.

Many couples prefer this position for morning sex, given they’ve probably slept that way the night before. And it works great for when you’re tired since it requires minimal motion, unlike other positions that require you to put in a lot of work.  Women in their third trimester find this position comfortable for intercourse since it doesn’t put pressure on their abdomen and makes it easier to have sex. But beware that one’s penis can easily slip out during intercourse, which can be irritating to some (especially if you’re almost reaching your climax)!

And if you’re curious how this position came about, simply thank the Romans, who would often depict this position in their erotic art!

So I want to know.  What is your favorite position and why?   If we use your comments for  a future blog or educational post,  I will send you a free gift.

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