4 Best Spooky Sex Moves to Try This Halloween

4 Best Spooky Sex Moves to Try This Halloween

It's that time of year again! Halloween! And why not put the treat back into trick-or-treat?! We've rounded up 4 of the best spooky Halloween sex moves to make your freaky fantasies come to life. Whatever experience level, whatever kink you're into, we're sure these will unleash the scream queen in you…



Ever fantasize about whatever happened to Snow White and her Prince Charming after they broke the sleeping curse with that magical kiss? Our bets are on SW and her guy christening their happily ever after with good ol’ fashioned lovemaking that would make anyone, well, bashful! Try out Snow White’s Hot Seat for a new twist on a passion-favorite. Sit reverse on your guy’s stick while he sits upright in a chair. Check out this hot, bedroom play lingerie set by Fever to add to the charm!



Make your wench walk the plank with this kinky little sex move. While she’s lying supine, lube up, prop her foot up on your shoulder and enter anally. As you stir her seven seas, wrap her other leg around your waist, and EYY MATE! You’ve found buried treasure! For this move, we suggest the Pirate Booty Skull Net Pantyhose and maybe a little rope for a truly sexy experience that gives you sea legs.



Give her real oral delight with decadent Trick & Treat oral sex move. While she’s lying down, bury your face between her witchy legs and gentle expose her clitoris by pushing back her hood with your fingers. Add slip and extra sensation with Wicked Ultra Chill Lubricant to go from cunnilingus to x-rated sex in no time!



The Cat is a tried-and-true, frisky Halloween favorite. Short for Coital Alignment Technique, The Cat gets the most rub because it gives her kitty-cat all of the attention. The move is a variation of missionary sex, in which both partners position to stimulate the vulva rather than the goal being deep penetration. Start out by spreading your pet’s knees and position yourself slightly higher than you would during missionary sex. Row up and down so that your gland slips in and out in a downward motion, allowing it to slip freely as you rock. We definitely recommend practice with this extra sexy move, but make it fun with this Bad Kitten Cat Mask!


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