Naughty Jane's Sex Sauce Extra Creamy Lubricant 16 Oz

Everyone knows Naughty Jane has the original and creamiest sex sauce that keeps everyone cumming back for more. Enjoy her sexy secret recipe when you are in the mood for an extra special treat. Drizzle this thick, gooey goodness on your favorite naughty bits or pleasure toy to enhance any experience!

Next time you need to add a little slip and slide to your writhe and grind, reach for Naughty Jan'es Sex Sauce! This American-made, body-safe, unscented, glycerin-free lubricant is water-based and safe to use with all toys. Get wet and messy! You can spread this or spill this on skin, chairs, sex toys, or your partner and enjoy an easy clean-up. It can be used externally for self-pleasure or internally as a natural lubricant for yourself or you and your partner!

Multi-use lubricant
Use solo or with a partner
Extra creamy
Toy compatible
Body safe and unscented
Made in USA