Headlight Shaft-Holster Led - Clear Ice

Headlight shaft-strapper led lit cockring plus shaft-ring that puts the light on top of the lengthwise, its got a rubbery front nub that focuses the glow at any hole you wanna fuck.

Every thrust moves the led light closer to the target, take some dick-selfies, shaft fuck vids. Headlight straps on with a rubbery cockring, the led insert lays on top of your dick and the shafting stretches around your meat about 1-1.5" from base.

You can flip it if your gonna be in a sling or on all fours and light the dick behind you.

Made of rubbery-firm plus silicone mix in super-soft stuff with a slick smooth velvet finish that's really tough...the led silicone sealed glow insert casts a glow just for a good fuck-view.

Lights the shaft on top, glow forward
Cockring keeps it on, shaftring aims it forward
Silicone seal led bullet: waterproof, sealed button

Length: 3.5" (8.89 cm)
Width: 2" (5.08 cm)
Height: 3" (7.62 cm)