Glowsling Cocksling Led - Clear Ice

Glowsling dick plus ball sling is a squishy rubbery cocksling based on the oxballs design cocksling but this thing has led lit darkroom fucklight with a top mounted led glow unit... it hugs your junk at the root, extra thick and blubbery because oxballs doesn't make skimpy thin gear you can't use hard. Like everything feels right and lasts.

Made of rubbery-firm plus-silicone mix is super-soft stuff with a slick smooth velvet finish that's really tough...the led silicone sealed glow insert casts a glow just right for a good fuck-view.

Design to glow all around
LED casts clear white glow
Silicone seal LED bullet: waterproof, seal button

Length: 3.5" (8.89 cm)
Width: 2" (5.08 cm)
Height: 2.5 (6.35 cm)
Cockring hole circumference: 3.5 (8.89 cm)
Shaft hole circumference: 3.5 (8.89 cm)
Ball hole circumference: 3.5 (8.89 cm)