Euphoria Collection Multi Chain Harness - Black

Unleash the essence of modern allure with the Euphoria Collection Multi Chain Harness, a piece that transcends conventional boundaries with its unique cross back design. This premium harness is a bold statement of style and sensuality, marrying the rebellious spirit of heavy-duty chains with the elegance of contemporary fashion. It's an accessory designed not just for moments of intimacy but for any occasion that calls for a touch of daring.

Adjustability meets avant-garde aesthetics as the secure buckle closure ensures a snug and flattering fit for most standard sizes. The ease of customizing your fit means you can immerse yourself in the experience of wearing the harness without any distractions, fully embracing the persona it evokes. The heavy-duty metal chains are a testament to the harness's robustness, promising both functionality and a long-lasting presence in your collection.

The Euphoria Collection Multi Chain Harness is as much about comfort as it is about style. The interior is a sanctuary of softness, with a velvet lining that promises a gentle touch against the skin. In contrast, the vegan leather exterior exudes a sleek and responsible charm. The fusion of these materials results in a piece that is both sturdydouble padded and double stitchedand sumptuously gentle.

Each detail, including the nickel-free metal accents, has been carefully selected to enhance the wearing experience, ensuring that it remains inclusive for all skin types. The Euphoria Collection Multi Chain Harness invites you to embrace your desires with a piece that's as versatile as it is stunninga true celebration of personal expression that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Unique cross back harness
Easy to adjust straps
Soft and plushy velvet interior with a vegan leather exterior
Functional, durable and contemporary design
Heavy duty metal chain
Sturdy, double padded and double stitched
Secure buckle closure
Nickel free metal accents

Adjusts up to:
Cross back straps length: 37" (94 cm)
Overall length: 15" (38 cm)