Ergoflo Pro

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Ergofl pro is a next-generation shower and travel anal douche which you can set up and remove in seconds. ergofl was engineered (and tested!) to perform like no other douche. By converting high pressure to a comfortable flow, ergofl pro cleans expediently and efficiently. The system which snaps on to any standard shower hose pipe with the shower clip, includes a superior silicone funnel bag, a 6" (183 cm) silicone douche hose, and a 5" (152 cm) silicone drain hose. The system also comes with the worlds only 8 (20 cm) silicone flex-tip nozzle, which allows the user to reach broadly, with assurance, and a premium 5 (13 cm) ABS plastic tip. The system folds to a compact size for storage and travel in the nylon storage bag.