Bubbles Nipsuckers - Black


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Nipsuckers bloat up your nips making them more sensitive, bigger, and more "throbby." Our suckers are made of Liquid Platinum Silicone because it's the best material out there, they won't crack, they have the right amount of "pull" and are rubbery-soft enough to really seal to your nip. Best of all, they never lose their suction... nipsuckers that don't suck are just sad.

BUBBLES nipsuckers are the right size and depth to pull your nips out to rubbery points, sucking the tips mostly - that's the part with all the nerves that make your toes curl when tugged and twisted. The cool thing about these is the feel... BUBBLES are rubbery and fleshy-soft, not plastic.

Nipsucker pro tip: for max suction, before squeezing the air out of the suckers, wet the rim with spit, waterbased lube, or a waxy lip balm - you will get a better seal around the nip... hairy chested or smooth.

Made from Oxball's signature Liquid Platinum Silicone
Wide rubbery rim gives the best seal
Silicone nipsuckers will not crack or lose their original shape... ever
Designed to pull the most sensitive part of the nip
Raised "bubbles" for easy grip even with lube-covered fingers

Height: 1.5" (39mm)
Width: 1.15" (30mm)
Length: 1.15" (30mm)
Outside circumference: 3.5" (89mm)
Outside diameter: 1.15" (30mm)
Inside circumference: 1.6" (41mm)
Inside diameter: 0.65" (17mm)
Inside max depth: 1.25" (32mm)