Top Adult Bedroom Toys - Hitachi Magic Wand, PureBliss and More

Eight Sex Toys Every Collection Should Include!

What do you think is the most common question we get asked--on a daily basis--here at MyPleasure? Okay, after you get your mind out of the gutter, I'll tell you... The most common question is: "What should I buy?"

While different people like different things, you can't go wrong if you pick a toy that has stood the test of time. Believe it or not, there are several. Not unlike the Oreos of cookies, the Mustang of automobiles and the Coca Cola of soda pop, sex toys have their own classics that have pleased women and men for years. What are these toys and why do people love them so much? Read on to find out!

The Hitachi Magic Wand
Why it's a classic: it's powerful, inconspicuous and convenient!

The Hitachi Magic Wand is by far the most popular electric vibrator among women, and has been for quite some time. On discussion boards all over the 'Net and on customer testimonials at sensual enhancement companies, the ladies rave about this large-headed massager. Why, you ask? This vibrator is electric, which means no batteries and no inconvenience. Women tend to love the wideness of the massager's head, which doesn't miss a sensitive spot. The Wand looks and acts just like a muscle massager (so you can fool your parents or friends!), but most women use this toy for external sensual stimulation. And why is the Hitachi Magic Wand so good for sexual stimulation? Because, oh my friends, it is some kind of powerful... so powerful that some women actually enjoy the stimulation more if they put a towel or blanket over the tip of the wand to dull the sensation somewhat.

The Jack Rabbit
Why it's a classic: it's the perfect size and the perfect features all combined into one toy--and it's so darned cute!

This vibrator (and designs like it) have been extremely popular since day one. And it's no wonder: a very smart sex toy engineer finally realized that women like vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation to happen at the same time and designed a vibrator to do just that. In particular, the Jack Rabbit came to the forefront because it combines a number of features that women love, while finding a nice middle ground in intensity that's not too hard or too soft. The Jack Rabbit has a shaft full of round pearl beads that rotate and stimulate the sensitive outer lips of the vagina while it's in use. This sensation tends to drive women wild. The Jack Rabbit's shaft, which rotates for internal stimulation, is a nice size that is neither too large nor too small. Finally, while many animals have been used for clitoral stimulating devices on vibrators, the rabbit is by far the best: the ears are small enough to arouse sensations without being too powerful, and they're long enough to reach places other clitoral stimulators don't quite manage. Plus, the rabbit is just so cute that most women can't resist it!

The Aqua Arouser: A Cliterrific Vibe
Why it's a classic: it's a comfortable shape that gives vaginal and clitoral stimulation without a bulky extra clitoral stimulator!

If you've been shopping for sex toys for any length of time, then I'm sure you've seen the term "cliterrific" batted around. No, it's not a sensation--although this line of vibrators certainly does inspire quite the sensation. Cliterrific refers to a series of vibrators, typically made from jelly vinyl, that have realistic tips and shafts with a wider base covered in nubs that stimulate the woman's outer labia and clitoris. Typically, the shafts on these vibrators are slender, which makes for a comfortable grip. The Aqua Arouser is a perfect example of a cliterrific vibe that is also waterproof.
The vibration level is also nice and comfortable--neither too hard or too soft. But what women love most about this vibrator is the relatively gentle internal and external stimulation without the sometimes too-powerful vibrations produced by an external, animal-shaped or big, bulky clitoral stimulators. In other words, just like the baby bear's bowl of porridge, it's just right.

The Pocket Rocket
Why it's a classic: it's discreet and super powerful!

Yet another term I'm sure you've heard, the Pocket Rocket is a tiny micro massager that, while not very useful for vaginal penetration, is great for external stimulation; most Pocket Rockets (and there are a lot of versions!) are extremely powerful. More importantly, they're very discreet. Pocket Rockets are small. A woman can throw one into her purse and have it with her at any time. Beware the noise factor though! That kind of power doesn't come quietly. When you put the perks together-- tiny, discreet and mighty powerful--you can see why women go crazy for this tiny toy!

The Butterfly
Why it's a classic: it's the most perfectly designed strap-on vibrator--wings, bullets and free hands for other fun!

Everybody wants a strap-on clitoral stimulator or at least that's what we hear! Fortunately, they come in all shapes and sizes -- eagles, flowers, umbrellas and various wildlife. However, the most traditional strap-on is still the best: the butterfly. It's simple ergonomics, my feisty sex-loving friends! The butterfly's wings create a wide span that sends gentle vibrations through the labia and surrounding area, while an extra vibrating bullet, strategically centered, directly stimulates the clitoris. This toy also has the perk of leaving a woman's hands free, so she can busy herself with exploring other areas!

The Remote-Control Vibe
Why it's a classic: it's fun, unobtrusive and great to share with a lover!

Remote-control vibes might be the last item on our list, but they're the most loved by couples across the nation--and by solo women looking for some fun! Vibrating Panties is a great insertable remote toy. Imagine wearing the thong in public and giving the remote to your lover! Or just enjoy the controlled vibration while watching your favorite erotic film. Whatever your preference, the remote control vibrator has been around for decades stimulating women to orgasm. No more obtrusive than a tampon and no louder than a light humming, a remote-controlled toy packs vibrations powerful enough for pleasing her as long as she wants!