The Rabbit Pearl Demystified

The Rabbit Pearl Demystified

The Rabbit Pearl is not only one of MyPleasure's top-selling adult toys, the preferred nightstand companion of Sex and the City's frisky Samantha Jones, and one of the world's most classic and adored vibrators, but also an incredibly versatile tool -- five tools in one, really, offering a total of 120 ways to pleasure yourself. That's a lot of sex toy for one girl to handle! In fact, some women are a little confused -- or perhaps daunted? -- by the range of stimulation possible with the Rabbit Pearl. Never fear... MyPleasure is here to explain it all for you.

It's a Dildo!

While designed to vibrate, toys like the Rabbit Pearl can be both vibrator and dildo -- just don't turn it on! Because it's made from soft, pliant jelly with a phallic shape and somewhat realistic details, the Rabbit Pearl works well as a dildo for time when internal pressure and friction are all you want. Remember to use lubricant, though, or your toy will chafe.

It's an Insertable Vibrator!

Turn the power on and your dildo becomes a vibrator; the motor unit at the base of the shaft vibrates, sending waves of movement along the jelly unit. With a multi-speed control pack, you can adjust the speed and rhythm of the vibrations, giving you a great deal of control over your experience. Start slow and rev up the speed, or vary the speed throughout for a wild ride.

It's a Gyrating Shaft!

Unlike other toys, the Rabbit Pearl doesn't just vibrate, it gyrates! When you switch on the vibrating shaft, the upper half of the shaft moves in a circular motion, massaging your G-Spot, the inner walls of your vagina, and other “hidden” places you may not have known you had. The top of the shaft doesn't actually vibrate, so the head might not be great for clitoral stimulation if you're used to intense vibration, but you might enjoy the feel of the gyrating shaft against your clitoris. Try it out!

It Has Moving Pearls!

Another of the Rabbit Pearl's unique features is the quadruple band of rotating pearls around the base of the shaft. When you turn on the vibrating shaft, not only does the shaft vibrate and gyrate, but the band of pearls also rotates, creating an indescribable sensation. If you hold the unit just right, the band of pearls can hit your G-Spot, which is very sensitive to pressure. You can also nudge the pearls next to your clitoris or just within the opening of your vagina, both of which will respond differently to this distinctive sensation.

It's a Clitoral Teaser!

The Rabbit Pearl has TWO power controls: one for the vibrating, gyrating and rotating shaft with pearls, and another for the bunny-shaped clitoral teaser poised on the top of the Rabbit Pearl's shaft. Turn on the clitoral control and the bullet inside the bunny will vibrate, causing his ears to flutter wildly, his nose will tremble, and his body will shudder, providing waves of stimulation directly on your most sensitive zone. Like the control for the shaft, the clitoral teaser control is adjustable, enabling you to control the amount of sensation you receive.

It Has a Corded Power Pack!

As we've mentioned, the Rabbit Pearl has a versatile power pack. While some dual-action toys have controls on the base of the unit, making it inconvenient to change speeds during play, the Rabbit Pearl's controls are on a separate power pack attached by a cord. When you use this toy, you'll find it simple and convenient to adjust the speed of either control, giving you an easily customized sensual experience.

Putting It All Together...

Here's the part where the confusion can set in -- now that you know about all these different features, what's the best way to use the darn toy? The answer: you make it up as you go along! If you are new to dual-action play, you might want to start slow. Use the Rabbit Pearl as a dildo for a few minutes, and then, when you feel ready for something more, turn the shaft control on low, and then slowly increase the speed until you are comfortable. Next, turn on the clitoral stimulation. You might feel a little overwhelmed at first, so start slow -- and remember that you can always turn down the speed if it's too much! Continue to experiment with your toy each time you use it, finding different combinations of speeds and movement. You'll soon find something to rock your world!

Caring for Your Bunny

Care for your Rabbit Pearl as you would any other premium jelly toy: wash it with warm, soapy water after each use, being careful not to get the power source wet, and pat it dry with a soft cloth. Store your toy in a cool, dark place. Remember to use lubricant with it -- water-based is best for jelly. Don't use this toy in or around water.

Can You Handle It?

Now that we've taken apart the Rabbit Pearl and explained all its different parts, we hope you're a little less daunted by this fabulous toy. Just remember to start slow and simple, and then turn up the play only when you're ready. When you're comfortable doing so, try using this toy with a partner -- your lover will enjoy all the bells and whistles as much as you do... well, almost!

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