The "Male G-Spot" - Understanding the Prostate Gland

The "Male G-Spot" - Understanding the Prostate Gland

by Tamar Love

Yes, there is a magic pleasure button in a man's body that, if stimulated, will produce amazing orgasms. It's easy to find and fun to touch -- if your idea of fun is hearing your man howl with pleasure! However, unlike its female counterpart, the "male G-Spot," correctly known as the "prostate gland," serves an important biological function.

Prostate Anatomy & Function
The prostate is a small gland, about the size and shape of a quail's egg. Nestled in the man's pubic bone and surrounded by the pelvic muscles, the prostate gland will respond to pressure applied through the rectum.

The main function of the prostate is the reproduction. The testicles produce sperm, the "little guys" that fertilize eggs. The vas deferens carries this sperm to the prostate, where it mixes with fluid from the prostate and seminal vesicles. When you have an orgasm, you ejaculate this fluid, which is comprised of 5% sperm and 95% seminal/prostate fluid.

 The Male G-Spot - Understanding the Prostate Gland

Prostate Problems
The prostate can play host to a few common problems: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) is characterized by a non-cancerous growth of the prostate, and Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate. Both conditions are relatively easy to treat. Prostate cancer, however, is far more serious: currently, it is the leading cancer diagnosed among men in the United States.

Although we know very little about what causes prostate cancer, the medical community has discovered much about how to diagnose it. The prostate produces a substance known as the Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), a small amount of which continuously leaks into the bloodstream. High levels of PSA can be associated with prostate cancer. Doctors can easily test the level of PSA in your blood. However, some problems can only be diagnosed with a rectal exam, which is why you need a PSA blood test AND a rectal exam annually. While these exams are not foolproof, there is evidence that early detection can be helpful in preventing the spread of cancer.

Prostate Pleasures
Like any form of anal play, prostate stimulation isn't for everyone. Some people associate the anus with feelings of dirtiness or shame, while others just don't respond well to this form of stimulation. If you decide to try prostate manipulation, you need to respect your inhibitions -- and those of your partner -- by taking things slow.

  1. Start with a hot shower so you and your partner will feel clean.
  2. Don't just jump into prostate stimulation -- enjoy a little foreplay first!
  3. Use lots of lubricant! We recommend Pjur Analyse Me, a silicone-based lubricant developed specifically for anal play.
  4. To find the prostate gland, reach down between your partner's legs, insert your index finger into the anus to the second knuckle and press forward, in a firm "come hither" motion. You'll be able to feel the prostate through the front part of the rectal wall.
  5. Press gently. If you or your lover likes the sensation, press a little more firmly. You or your lover might enjoy a "shunting" sensation, experienced by smooth, rapid insertion and removal of one or more fingers.
  6. Try using a sex toy! While many women's G-Spot toys work well for prostate stimulation, you'll also want to try some of the Eco-friendly toys made specifically for anal play. If you opt to use a woman's G-Spot toy, be sure to select one with a wider safety base designed for harness or anal play. Also, if you've already used this toy on a woman for G-Spot stimulation, be sure to clean it and use a condom on it before inserting it for anal use.
  7. If you find you don't enjoy the sensation of prostate stimulation alone, try pairing it with genital massage or oral sex.

Your response to prostate stimulation depends on your particular physiology. Some men experience crashing orgasms when they stimulate their prostate glands, while others simply enjoy a great deal of pleasure. Some men don't enjoy the sensation at all, while others could take it or leave it. If you are unsure about your feelings toward this type of sensation, try it! If you don't like it, you don't have to do it again.