The Ins and Outs of Masturbation Sleeve Dimensions

by Trisha Hurlburt


If you've ever looked at the dimensions listed for masturbation sleeves on, you may have taken one look and thought, "There's no way I'd fit into that!" Well, the truth is that sleeves appear small for a reason and that most men actually are able to use masturbation sleeves.

Your basic sleeve is usually a tube with a larger opening in one end for entry and a small opening in the other. They're made of various and sundry materials, from jelly to silicone, and they're all made to stretch to accommodate practically any girth. Most will stretch up to 3" or so. The dimensions listed for each sleeve are based on them in their "inactive" state because, well, there are a lot of different sizes and shapes of men out there and it would be impossible to predict every configuration. So don't necessarily rule one out because it appears small.

There is a caveat to this: most sleeves are not designed to stretch much, length-wise. Also, it's not necessarily a bad thing to slide through the sleeve -- in fact, many men report that it's very pleasurable. However, if you do not get much enjoyment from this and you are a larger man, don't despair. A good one to try is the Super Head Honcho. It's a bit longer and made of realistic material for a more lifelike feel.

The most important thing to remember is to always use a lubricant and plenty of it! No matter what sort of masturbation toy you use, everything will feel better and more comfortable with a generous dollop of lube applied to the sex toy itself and your penis. Yes, friction is the point, but you also would like to pull out intact; therefore, we beg you to lubricate.

Hopefully, this will help you in your quest to find the perfect sleeve for you. Please be sure to check out our selection here for all kinds of different and interesting masturbation products!