The Breast -- A Sensual User's Guide

The Breast - A Sensual User's Guide

The female breast: A wondrous thing, as I believe most people will agree. It comes in all shapes and sizes, colors and densities. However, one thing a breast does not come with is a manual.

I hear the men laughing -- and some of the women, as well -- saying, "Now, why would I need a manual?" Fess up, all you women reading this: Don't you want to say, "You could use a little help sometimes, Sparky."? To keep everyone loving and happy, I bring you this sensual user's guide to the female breast.

First, let's get the basic mechanics out of the way, shall we? The female breast is mostly made out of fatty tissue and ligaments, with muscle underneath. In the middle (or thereabouts) of each breast is a darker, pigmented tissue, known as the areola. Protruding from the center of the areola is the nipple. In physically mature women, 10 to 15 tubes -- or ducts -- branch out from behind the nipple and carry milk that feeds babies.

Every woman is different; everyone has different likes and dislikes when it comes to foreplay, sex and everything before, after and in between. Many women don't care for breast play at all, which is fine. However, many women enjoy attention lavished on "the girls," especially when it's done right.

Here's my first piece of advice: Don't ever grab or latch onto your partner's breasts. Yes, even here, one needs to start slowly. Initially, of course, find out whether or not your playmate enjoys this activity at all. If not, you are done here. If so, read on...

When two people are kissing and caressing, some grappling eventually occurs. Keep in mind that the breasts are not there to give you something to hang on to or bat back and forth. You would not appreciate this treatment of your "boys," after all. Treat a woman's breasts gently.

This is especially important to keep in mind for women with very sensitive breasts, which can be caused by pregnancy, her menstrual cycle or Mother Nature making them that way. When our breasts are tender, the last thing we want is someone clamping down on them in the throes of passion.

To begin, very gently cup her breast and use your palm to lightly brush over the nipple. If you get a good response to this -- i.e., back arching, sighing, your friend grabbing your hand and mashing it harder against herself -- you may apply more pressure.

This brings us to the next step: the assault on the nipple. I say "assault" because many people who get the "go" from their sex partner tend to either attach themselves to a nipple like a Lamprey eel or turn us into human radios, twisting our nipples, presumably to locate Tokyo Rose. We get absolutely no radio reception through our breasts; therefore, grabbing our nipples head and twisting them back and forth like knobs will yield no musical results.

Step back and go slower. Gentle, teasing action is what will really heat us up in the beginning. Gently roll the nipple back and forth with your thumb and forefinger. Lightly graze your fingertip around the breast, areola and nipple, occasionally stroking straight over it. As long as you're using a feather-light touch, all should be well. Then you may move on to light tugging and other nipple manipulations.

If you're using your tongue, run it all around each breast, circle the areola, and gradually make your way to the nipple. Once there, continue teasing and merely flick the tip of it (with your tongue, not your fingernail) or press gently with the flat of your tongue. A positive reaction to this may now lead to gentle suction and even light nibbling of the nipple.

As your lover becomes more aroused, she'll let you know when to do more or less. If your partner isn't one to flat-out tell you what she likes and dislikes, go by her other non-verbal cues, such as sighs, faster or sharper intake of breath and body language -- moving closer or trying to get as far away from your offending hand or mouth as possible.

I'm sure many males out there are thinking, "Now, what about pushing her breasts together and using them to masturbate? That's sexy! Why didn't you talk about that?" Well, quite frankly, because it doesn't do a damned thing for me. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that most women would agree -- with the caveat that we'll become aroused through this activity because we know it feels good to you.

When you're talking with a woman, always make eye contact. This holds true whether you're with a life mate or someone you just met -- I don't care if she has breasts the size of the Rockies or is wearing a push-up bra that raises them to her chin. If you want to ogle her up and down when she's not paying attention, that's your call, but speaking to a woman's breasts, for most women, is tantamount to grabbing her crotch. Breasts don't speak or hear, so unless you want the object of your desire to walk away in disgust, keep your eyes at eye level.

On a more serious note, I would like everyone to remember that a great person is the sum of their parts and shouldn't be equated with just one physical piece in particular. Ladies, embrace your breasts, no matter what their size or shape, and realize thousands of women are not lucky enough to be in possession still of a full set, if any at all. Honor them and yourselves by keeping your breasts healthy through professional and self-exams and not bemoaning the fact that they're "too big" or "not big enough." If someone else is judging you by your breast size, they're jerks.

Obviously, you all know your regular partners much better than I do, but I'm pretty sure if you at least try the methods mentioned above, you'll get the desired results. Don't just take my word for it! Try showing this article to your female love monkey to get her reaction to it. If you see several head nods as she's reading it, you'll have some new -- or at least, different -- moves to try.

Having said that, I want everyone to go forward, armed with knowledge, respect and pride for a great set of breasts -- your own or someone else's. Enjoy the fun of experimentation and exploration -- and remember that breasts don't make the woman; the woman makes the breasts!
By:  Trisha Hurlburt