Squirting: A Guide to Female Ejaculation

Definition of Squirting: What is Squirting?

Squirting is fluid discharge leading to a certain form of vaginal stimulation. 


How would we ever figure this out?

Intriguing research was undertaken by self-identified squirters in the lab. By ultrasound, it was discovered that when the women were aroused, their bladders were fuller. After ejaculation, their bladders were empty! This shows that the fluid that was emitted is probably coming from the same source that pee is coming from!

Is it Urine?

The same research demonstrates that while the fluid came from the bladder and had certain striking similarities to urine, it was also so condensed that it was odorless and transparent. The point is that it is not quite the same as pee despite originating from the same source and having identical components.

Is Squirting and Cumming the same?

Squirting is the process of releasing transparent fluid from the urethra that develops during orgasm, while Cumming is "real" female ejaculation that is followed by a creamy white liquid that is expelled into the vagina.

Can everyone do it?

This is a somewhat a controversial topic as most sexologists say.

Why? Because of the research on squirting. There have also been a comparatively a contradictory finding that not everyone with a Vulva can do it however some findings say a different thing.

Medically speaking, Gigi Engle says “it seems that someone with a vagina has the "fundamentals" needed to squirt”. But that doesn't mean that any person with a vagina can, Studies suggest that there is an estimate between 10 and 50 percent of people with a vagina can do it. 

Learn how to squirt:

There is no strategy that is sure to make squirting happen, but there are a few techniques that will make squirting more likely.

  • Do you know that whenever someone tells you not to think about a pink dolphin, you cannot keep a dolphin's picture out of your head? It is the same situation about squirting. If you are so desperate to try to squirt, it will make it more difficult for you to relax and get into that  It is helpful to learn about squirting and try some special techniques if this is something you would like to do, just don't dwell too much on it.
  • Squirting is less likely to happen during sex and is most likely to occur during fingering. The most squirty location can be reached when your lover places one or two fingers inside you and feels a thin spongy patch (called a urethral sponge) on the front of the vagina. You can find the enigmatic G-spot in the same location. If you reach a pleasurable spot, play around with various stimuli while keeping the intensity constant. Often the "come hither" sensation feels exceptionally good and can trigger release.
  • Hydrate yourself. Drink as much as you can! The fluid comes out of the bladder, as we pointed out earlier. The more fluid there is, the quicker it is to release.
  • There are also several toys that do an amazing job of getting to this spot. I recommend getting a G-spot dildo like the Icicles No 55, or the Firefly Glass.   For certain women, it is a mixture of clitoral stimulation and G-spot stimulation that lets wonders work.
  • The brain has a lot of power over our senses. If you want to make yourself squirt, you just must be able to calm down and let your body do what feels Don't resist the sensation that something is mounting up or feeling like you should pee, as it might feel identical!
  • Work on boosting the PC muscles. These are the muscles you use to regulate the release of urine. Obtaining power over these muscles has been related to further control over squirting. Even though you will find several articles about squirting online, it's worth mentioning that often the videos you see in Porn are an exaggerated version of squirting, while for certain people it may be more of a drop of fluid being released than a massive burst. Squirting can be a fun experience, but it's not in any way important to have it in sex, nor does it make sexual experiences easier – so whether or not it's going to happen that you don't sweat it!