So You Wanna Play in Public?: Bulletins from the Bedroom

So You Wanna Play in Public?

So you've always fantasized about getting naughty with your lover in public? The allure of the forbidden, the chance of getting caught -- it's all very hot and sexy. If you do it right, you and your partner can have a delightfully wicked time, without harming or offending anyone -- or breaking any laws! Of course, playing in public can also result in embarrassment, so start slow, proceed with caution, and always use common sense.

To get you started, we're sharing four simple games you and your lover can play in public. Lose your inhibitions, get a little wild, and go for it!

The Pick Up
Remember when you and your partner met? Whether you knew he or she was "The One," or not, that first encounter was sexy: the sparks that flew between you, the mystery of not knowing what was going to happen, and the flirtation between two strangers. I get goose bumps and shivers just thinking about it!

Revisit those days. Go out to a bar, somewhere you've never been, and arrive separately. Don't let anybody know you're together. In fact, you may want to even try flirting with a few strangers first. But be sure to find your way to each other and start with the flirting. If you really want to "relive" your first days, be yourselves and approach each other as you did on that first meeting. But maybe you'd both like to try being someone different? For example, if you're quiet and demure, be wild and bold. If you're aggressive, try being passive or receptive. A little public role-playing never hurt anybody! Besides, no one at the bar knows who you and your sweetie really are; you're free to be anyone you want!

Like any role-playing game, though, be careful how far you go. Set some ground rules. If you're going to incorporate flirting with other people, you might want to take a minute to make sure you're both on the same page about what "flirting" means. And if you're playing with aggressive and submissive roles, you might want to make sure you both understand each other's comfort zones. This game can be naughty and spicy, but it can also go too far if you're not careful

The Scavenger Hunt
This game requires some preparation, but it's well worth it. Take a day off of work and go through town setting up a scavenger hunt for your lover. Hide notes in bars, stores you may walk into, behind telephone polls. You'll probably have to get the assistance of some store, restaurant or bar owners, but if you have a good city park nearby, you can set up the hunt there.

The rules of the game are similar to those of a regular scavenger hunt: each clue should contain a riddle, game or puzzle that leads your lover to the next clue. For each clue your lover finds, he or she gets one public display of affection; depending on how difficult the clue was to find, the reward is greater. An easy clue might get a deep kiss, while a more difficult clue warrants a little fondling.

Of course, the best way for this to work is with the final clue landing you both in a secluded public area, where you can "do the deed." Again, a nice corner of a park will work well, but so will an alleyway in the city or the bathroom of a restaurant -; just be careful and use good common sense! Get out and happy hunting!

Who Needs Underwear?
Like whipping off a tablecloth without disturbing the place settings, taking off your underwear in public can be tricky. However, with practice, you can do it! Actually, this game works differently for men and women; pay attention:


  • For Women: With the wonderful invention called a skirt, it's much easier for a woman to remove her panties and bra in public. The real trick is to do it with nobody but your lover watching. This, while tantalizing for the man, should really result in a "game prize" for the woman, who managed to do it! If she can get her panties and bra off in public and slide them into his coat pocket, she should really get whatever sexual favor she wants. After all, he has the panty prize!
  • For Men: Sadly, the reality is that for most men it's going to be all but impossible to remove their underwear in public without, well, the entire nation noticing (of course, if you've figured out a way to do this, we commend you and would love to hear from you!). So we change the game up a little bit for men. The object of the game is for both of you to get into a room (a coat closet, men's restroom, a hidden corner), where the woman can enjoy watching her man remove his boxers, briefs or scary bikinis and present them to her. Then, of course, he's entitled to his "prize!"


The Photo Game
Be warned: you'll need a camera for this one. A simple disposable one is best, since you don't want to draw too much attention to yourselves with professional photography equipment. Allot yourselves an entire day or evening to wander around a city. It's more fun if it's a city you're just visiting, but hometowns work great, too. In fact, with this game, some couples make a point of visiting different cities to get a camera's worth of film shot off in different locations. It gives a whole new meaning to tourist travel.

Anyway, the point of this game is to take pictures of each other in revealing poses, hopefully, while nobody is watching. Set up a scoring system for each of you. Pictures that reveal her breasts are worth two points, pictures that reveal anybody's most private of parts are worth three points, and pictures that reveal either of you doing something naughty that involves touching yourself or each other are worth five points. Once you get the film developed, you can have a hot night of looking at them and getting aroused while you total the point values. The person with the highest score gets the sexual favor of his or her choice

Here, of course, is the thing to remember when playing sexy games in public: DON'T GET CAUGHT. It is not only embarrassing but can also have other not-so-savory ramifications depending on who busts you! If you do get caught, try to see the humor in the situation. After all, what's the fun of being bad in public if nobody's ever going to know about it?

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