Silicone -- High Tech and Highly Pleasurable

Silicone - High Tech and Highly Pleasurable

You've undoubtedly heard of silicone, most likely in the context of a woman considering breast enhancement. Guess what? There are other uses for this durable and versatile material! No, really.

Because of its durability, silicone is a great material for sex toys. However, as most silicone toys are handcrafted -- and more labor translates into a higher cost -- these toys tend to be a little pricey. In fact, silicone toys are often cataloged as "premium" toys. However, we think you'll find the cost worthwhile. A completely non-porous material, silicone can be thoroughly cleaned with just soap and water -- or sterilize it by boiling it in water, which enables you to share your toy as long as you clean it between uses. For the best results, you should boil your silicone toy (assuming it doesn't have a battery pack!) for twenty minutes. Silicone is also practically hypoallergenic -- at least, we haven't heard of anyone having an allergic reaction to using a silicone love toy!

If the price is your only obstacle to buying a silicone toy, don't let it be! The higher price of a silicone dildo or vibrator is definitely offset by the length of time your toy will last. Silicone toys are practically indestructible -- provided you're not letting the family pet use them as a chew toy. Plus, silicone is extremely soft and supple, with a realistic feel that makes for an incredibly sensual experience. Silicone warms very nicely and quickly to your body temperature and rarely has any imperfections so there's no need to file down rough edges or trim off strange lumps!

If you want the best, and you're willing to pay a premium, an erotic toy made of silicone will be well worth your efforts. It will not only delight with its look and superior feel, but also keep you and your favorite playmate happy for years to come!

One important note on silicone toys, however, is that you must not use a lubricant that also contains silicone, as it will ruin the surface of your toy. Be sure to use a water-based lubricant like Sliquid Naturals H2O.