Sextoys Women Really Want

10 Gifts Women Really Want:

The Best Sex Toys for Her

Selecting an erotic gift can be a real challenge, especially when it's for a special woman in your life. After all, no two women are alike, and their tastes won't be either! However, there are certain presents almost guaranteed to please. We know this because at MyPleasure we've sold thousands of sex toys and other sensual products, and there are certain items women rave about again and again.


Below, you'll find our top ten list of customer-approved favorites. These are toys that women have owned and loved enough to give us glowing recommendations.

Rabbit Pearl
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1. Rabbit Pearl

Customer Review: "This is by far the best sex toy ever! My orgasms are so intense and often. My boyfriend has been telling me I should write the company and tell them it's the best money we ever spent! We love it together and I love it alone! I use it almost daily (and have for two years). Nothing has given me the same extreme pleasure as my little rabbit."
MyPleasure’s Aqua Arouser
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2. MyPleasure’s Aqua Arouser

Customer Review: "This is a great product. It made me climax very quickly and several times in a row. My boyfriend enjoyed using it on me in the shower and to put me in the mood. It feels sooo smooth and amazing."
Lucid Dreams No. 14
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3. Lucid Dreams No. 14

Customer Review: “Best vibe I've ever owned. Long-lasting, great power, excellent for g-spot stimulation, smooth, sleek, fairly quiet, and most importantly - highly effective for both clitoral and vaginal orgasm. I highly recommend.”
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4. Ultra

Customer Review: "I bought this for my wife who has trouble reaching the big "O" sometimes. The Ultra was incredible! The first time we used it she was a bit skeptical because this was our first "toy" of this sort. Within a couple of minutes she was having the biggest orgasm of her life! We now find excuses to have sex several times a week! This is a great product!"
MyPleasure’s Violet Rapture
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5. MyPleasure’s Violet Rapture

Customer Review: "Wow! I bought this when the vibrator I've had and loved for years broke, and I am so impressed! I've used a vibrator for years and am somewhat desensitized, so it usually takes quite a while for me to reach orgasm. Not so with this. I climax faster, harder and longer with this little gadget than ever before. The anal and clitoral stimulation is fantastic and though the shaft is small, it does the job well. It doesn't have the strongest vibration ever, but it's a great little toy I would recommend to anyone."
Perfect Platinum
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6. Perfect Platinum

Customer Review: "AMAZING! This may be the greatest invention ever. I'm solo right now and this toy is pure climax explosion. Loved it. Never used an egg before and I need a strong vibe to climax, this toy does the job. Highly recommend."
Water Missile pocket rocket
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7. Water Missile

Customer Review: "This is the best pocket rocket ever! The vibrations are very intense and perfect for clitoral stimulation. I like my husband to use it on me and I love to use it alone too."
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8. LAYAspot

Customer Review: "Great vibe! Hubby and I both love to play with this one. Small enough to be used during partner play in every position we've tried so far, but still plenty powerful. Lots of different settings -- wow. It is also pretty and we leave it out on the nightstand because it doesn't scream "sex toy." Highly recommended!"
Passion Lily wireless stimulator
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9. Passion Lily

Customer Review: "Outside, it's adorable -- pink, feminine, soft to the touch, gently quivering and perfectly balanced for pleasure. Inside, it is pure ecstasy. A must have for any couple looking to take their passion to the next level!"
Hidden Pleasures lipstick vibrator
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10. Hidden Pleasures

Customer Review: "Whew! I used this little number today and I had three orgasms -- a first for me! I originally bought the lipstick to travel with me because it was small and discreet, but it has become my first choice in stimulation (and I own a Rabbit) It is so powerful and I have used it over and over and have not had to replace the batteries yet. Such a mighty mouse. I am hooked."