Sex Toys and Vibrators that Travel Well

Is Your Suitcase Vibrating? - Toys that Travel Well

About to head out of town? Whether you're going away with your lover for a romantic weekend or just off on a business trip, travel can be that much more fun when you include sensual items. Yes, we're talkin' about sex toys. And lube. And massage stuff. Or anything else that will lend a little spice to the occasion.

Before you start randomly throwing vibrators into your suitcase, you should know that there are proper ways to travel with your favorite toys, and that some are even made specifically with travel in mind!

How to Pack

If you've flown at all in the last few years, you know that airport security has stepped up quite a bit and that with each new incident, there are new guidelines. Every piece of luggage is x-rayed, if not hand-searched, so it's even more important to bring smaller, simpler items that don't have the potential to look like a weapon (as some larger dual-action vibes and men's toys can). And now, with restrictions on various liquids, bringing items such as lube -- or even shampoo -- proves difficult. However, if you follow these guidelines, you should sail through any checkpoint, relatively stress-free.

Batteries: You'll want to have them with you because nothing ruins the mood more than having to run around a strange place trying to locate power. But you should definitely pack them separately, rather than leaving them inside the vibrator. Not only do unfamiliar battery-operated items look bad in an x-ray, but if the batteries aren't fresh, they may leak, which will ruin your toy, among other things. Ideally, just keep them inside their original package. But, barring that, you can keep them together in a small bag or even inside a sock.

Lubricants and Other Liquids: Any liquid that you can get in a sample size or that comes in single-use pillow packs is ideal, with the caveat that even sample sizes may be confiscated. To lessen that risk, most airports and airlines are recommending packing these types of items in checked luggage as opposed to anything you carry on. For lubricants, we recommend Sliquid's Natural H2O. Another great travel-sized lube is Swiss Navy Water Lube.

Another wonderful item to bring along is a handful of Pjur Clean Med Tissues. These individually-packaged, moist wipes are made for post-tryst tidying up, and may also be used to clean off any toys that aren't shared.

If you do want to bring something that may spill, try to pack items that are new and still sealed. Barring that, try packing them separately in a plastic bag that closes securely. As anyone who has arrived at a destination only to find their clothing soaked and smelling minty fresh can attest, plastic baggies can save the day!

General Tips

Despite your best packing, you may be asked to step aside so that your luggage can be more closely inspected. Whatever you do, don't panic. Security folks have been doing this for a long time, so many times, they'll ask you if there's anything inside that's potentially embarrassing. If they don't, you can always either tell them yourself before they go exploring, or simply let them have at it. Unless they're like the not-so-bright folks who got their airline sued, they'll not make a big deal of the contents. If they do, you can always embrace the situation and say something like, "Yep, I'm planning on having a really good time!"

What to Bring

Now, while we would never discourage anyone from packing whatever their heart's desire, some items are more convenient and take up less room than their full-size counterparts. Keep in mind that with security at airports and other international checkpoints, the smaller and more nondescript the item, the better. The last thing you want is to stand there red-faced as complete strangers go through your bags and pull out your dildo collection for all the world to see.

Of course, your destination will help determine the type of sensual item you'll want to bring. If you're planning a beach or otherwise water-related getaway, you'll want to have at least one waterproof toy and some water-resistant lubricant. Planning an actual romantic vacation or honeymoon? Then you'll probably want to pack things in the sensual massage arena. Below are suggestions for different travel situations that will help make your travel more hassle-free!

Beach Vacation: We love the Velvet Touch. these simple, yet powerful vibe comes in a wide range of colors and is super compact. These are wonderful for spot stimulation, plus they're small enough to use without necessarily clueing other people into the mischief you're up to! 

Romantic Getaway: Travel collections are the most efficient way to go, as you'll get a little bit of everything without having to lug full-sized bottles of oils or edible treats around.

Another great take-along is the these Massage Kits. This collection includes two-ounce bottles of Strawberry Dreams, Tropical Mango, Coconut Pineapple, Island Passion Berry and Vanilla Sandalwood massage oils, for really getting your sensual massage on, no matter what your mood.

If you want to bring along an actual vibrating toy, may we suggest something remote controlled? This will add a definite erotic twist to even the most mundane activities -- but be sure you test for loudness before you take it for a spin in public!

Business Trip: The best items to bring on these (generally boring) trips are things that are discreet and don't necessarily look like sex toys. Since there's not usually a ton of downtime, wouldn't you like to be able to just whip something out of your purse or briefcase when there is?

If you need something even more discreet, try a lipstick vibe such as these Lipstick Vibes. This little pocket rocket looks just like a tube of red lipstick, so even if it fell out of your bag during a meeting, no one would be the wiser. Makeup bags have never been this much fun!

Clearly, we haven't covered every single type of travel, but this should give you some ideas to get started. If space is a real problem, you'll definitely want to stick with very small toys that can multi-task, such as vibrating bullets, and, ideally, waterproof vibrating bullets. Anything that's simple, smaller and for the most part doesn't scream "sex toy" is ideal. Here are a few more suggestions that fit into that category:

One last word of advice: don't be intimidated. If it all seems too difficult, and you find yourself wanting to abandon the entire endeavor, we encourage you not to. Toys are a wonderful way to add something special to any type of getaway, and they're perfect stress relievers to help ease the pain of a really bad business trip or a stressful flight. Check the guidelines on your airline so you may pack smartly and safely, and go ahead and take your vibrating buddies with you. At the end of the day, you'll be glad you did.

Happy Travels