Realistics -- So Close to the Real Thing

Realistics - So Close to the Real Thing

If you spy a toy that is considered "realistic," it usually has at least one of two properties: it's shaped like or molded after a real penis or vagina (or any part of the anatomy), and it's made of a material that actually feels like skin. These materials are called by various brand names, such as Cyberskin and Ultraskyn, but they all basically have the same feel.

People fall in love with realistic sex toys because they feel so much like actual skin, warming quickly to body temperature. But the realistic similarities don't stop there: a realistic toy is rigid, like an erect penis, but still flexible, with the outside moving and wrinkling like skin. Add up the realistic look and feel and you've got an amazing fantasy experience!

Realistics do require a bit more maintenance -- fortunately, most come with their own care kit, which includes a "renewing" powder. To keep a realistic toy clean and in tip-top shape, wash it with a liquid antibacterial soap after each use, gently towel it off and let it air dry, and then sprinkle it with the powder. If you run out of the included powder, the best substitute is cornstarch (Honestly! Trust us, it works great!). These are not the kinds of toys you would ever be able to sterilize, so it's not recommended that you share them unless you use a condom on the toy.

Another thing to be aware of with realistic toys is that they must be kept dry and stored in an airtight place -- otherwise, they will mold. And believe me, you don't want to see mold on a sex toy. If you currently own any realistic toys and have noticed dark spots on them, throw them out immediately!

As far as the cost of realistic toys, they're still on the pricey side, but only cost about half the price of a silicone toy. Plus, if you're into celebrity status, you can buy a realistic toy to indulge this whimsy -- many realistic vibrators, dildos and masturbation sleeves have been cast from a well-endowed adult film star!

If you're looking for an erotic toy that looks, feels and acts like the real thing, then realistics are a perfect choice!