Plan a Perfect Romantic Getaway with My Pleasure

A romantic getaway is different than a regular vacation. For one thing, unless you argue or do something irretrievably stupid, you have guaranteed sex for the entire weekend. No vacation fling, but on the other hand, you'll save a lot of time and enjoy yourself a whole lot more!

It's easy to get excited and forget something essential, so when preparing for a romantic weekend, make sure you've covered the basics:

Asking Permission
Don't assume your significant other will automatically say "yes" to a romantic trip for two. He or she might have already made plans. If you want to surprise your sweetie, at least ask him or her to set aside the required amount of time for the days you have in mind. You might also want to give your lover a few wardrobe hints so he or she doesn't have to buy a bathing suit (or ski parka) when you arrive at your surprise destination.

Sometimes a romantic getaway is all in how you get there. If possible, make your mode of transportation as romantic as your destination. Are you renting a car? Splurge for a convertible. Can you get there by train? Do it! Those first-class sleeper cars, while non-traditional in this day of jets, can really be romantic. Are you flying? Splurge for first class -- and always make sure you have seat assignments! The last thing you want to do is wait for your seat assignment at the airport and risk sitting in different sections of the plane.

Do you opt for the economy or choose a luxury hotel? Your budget will be your guide. Keep in mind that it pays to think outside the box when arranging your accommodations. Do you have frequent flyer miles, credit card points, hotel bonuses or any other kind of accumulative travel incentive program? Use it! Are you determined to stay in the center of town, or will a nicer, less-pricey spot on the outskirts suffice? Are you Internet-savvy enough to do a power search for premium hotel specials? A little extra time and creativity can mean the difference between a lumpy mattress and hard pillows for $100 per night, and a mint on your pillow and turndown service for $80.

Financial Matters
Unless you're independently wealthy, you'll want to plan your vacation well in advance so you can take advantage of airline and hotel discounts. However, if yours is a last-minute trip, don't despair. By scouring the Internet (try typing "last-minute travel deals" into a Google search), you can find some unbelievable deals on last-minute travel to destinations near and far, commonplace and exotic. One other bonus: February is the off-season for most vacation travel, so you'll already be getting a significant discount off of seasonal prices.

Important Extras
Do you need immunization shots, a passport, a visa or some other form of special preparation? Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to make those arrangements. While some government agencies do offer last-minute services, the fees can be astronomical. Plan ahead and save big bucks.

In today's unpredictable travel climate, the last thing you want to do is endanger you or your loved one by behaving stupidly. Don't make terrorism jokes at the airport. Don't threaten the gate attendant if you don't get the seat you want. Don't let long lines and red tape frustrate you into behaving irresponsibly. Don't bring anything that could remotely be construed as a weapon, including nail files, pepper spray or pocket knives. Be smart and follow the rules, if only this once in your life!

Traveling with Toys
Whatever you do, don't forget the Massage Kits!! A nice vibrator or a bottle of lube can make or break your romantic vacation. However, today's security precautions might cause you to balk at brining your toys on a plane with you. We don't blame you -- is there anything more embarrassing than having the airport scanner detect a cylindrical metal object that turns out to be your vibrator? If you can, check your bag. If you have lost-luggage paranoia and won't entrust your bag to anyone's eyes but your own, centralize your toys in a smaller makeup bag so the security officer won't have to dig through your bag for the offending item. To avoid detection, you might also bring only jelly, silicone, plastic or latex products. And be sure to remove the batteries!

Now that you know the basics of romantic travel planning, you're ready for the next step: selecting your destination... Have fun and happy traveling!