How to find the perfect sensual gift

How To Find the Perfect Sensual Gift

Trying to find thoughtful, creative gifts every holiday, anniversary, birthday (or any occasion) can be a real challenge. We can help! Sex toys can make wonderful gifts. They last longer than flowers and chocolates plus they’re way more fun! This year get creative--be as bold or as timid as you wanna be--with a sexy gift they will REALLY appreciate!

  • Another box of chocolates? Yawn! Get her something that's Better Than Chocolate, instead?
  • Board games seem boring? Not ours! Spice up your love life with the Nookii.

Test the Waters
You might be apprehensive about giving someone a vibrator or dildo as a gift. Will they like it? Will they be offended? Will they think you're weird?

These are all valid questions -- not everyone is comfortable with sex toys. If your recipient falls into this category, don't despair. Test the waters by giving an innocent, novelty-type gift.


If you want to give an erotic toy to your partner, but aren't certain how he or she will respond, try reading our article Introducing Toys to Your Relationship, for tips on talking to your partner about sex toys. You can get a free copy just by joining our mailing list.


For more information about sexual enhancement products, read through our Education section and Shopping Guides.


I Can't Buy a Vibrator!
If you just don't feel comfortable buying a sex toy why not give a sensual, yet non-sexual, gift?


Bath products and lingerie make a wonderful gift for just about any woman on your list and most couples will love receiving a beautiful bottle of massage oil. For more elegant gifts, select anything from the Kama Sutra Collection. Sensual gifts allow you to be creative with your gift selection, and your recipients will enjoy a break from the usual flowers, balloons and stuffed animals.


Gift Shopping Hints

If you're shopping for a whole list of people or just that special someone, we can help. Take a deep breath, relax, and let our timesaving shopping resources make it easy.

  • Sex Toy Guides: You'll also enjoy browsing through our Sex Toy Guide, which will help you learn more about adult enhancement products.
  • Staff Picks: Each month, MyPleasure staffers select their favorite products. Take a look at their favorite Valentine’s Day items for a gift recommendation you can trust.
  • Pleasure Kits: A sexy twist on the traditional gift basket, our Exclusive Pleasure Kits are hand-selected and attractively packaged, making them ideal gifts.

Don't Be Late!
Many people forget to allow enough time for their gifts to arrive, whether you're shipping to yourself or directly to your recipient. Be smart and shop early or at the very least, make sure you know the shipping deadlines to ensure your packages arrive on time. You'll be glad you did. The best thing about buying gifts at MyPleasure is convenience: you can safely shop online, avoiding the malls, the crowds and all the shopping headaches. Now that you're an expert in sensual and erotic gift-giving, sit back, relax and get shopping!

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