How to Choose a Sex Toy for a Heterosexual Couple in the Couple's Sex

Looking for a toy for a gay male couple or lesbian couple? Visit our Gay Male Couples Toy Guide or our Lesbian Couples Toy Guide.

Couple's Toy - A sex toy made for two people to use at the same time. Many times this phrase simply refers to any toy that may be used on both partners, not necessarily simultaneously.

We know how overwhelming selecting a toy for both of you can be. Fortunately, if you answer three simple questions, it's easy!

1. Do you want something to use to liven up your sex life?

  • Are you looking for something to use during intercourse? The best thing would be a vibrating erection ring, but a harness is also an option for couples who want to role-play.
  • Do you want something to liven up foreplay? Then Tiny Massager would be perfect, as they are small enough to use with hands or tongues.
  • Something for use in public? Then you definitely want something that's remote-controlled. Remote-controlled panties or an insertable remote egg will make a night out extremely memorable. Just be sure there's plenty of background noise!
  • Have you both wanted to explore alternative kicks? Try any sort of light bondage gear such as blindfolds, fabric cuffs and restraints. Or investigate disciplinary tools such as slappers and paddles.

2. Are you looking for something soft and romantic to woo your partner?

  • Do you simply want a sensual way to spend more time with your mate? Try a warm bath with scented bubbles and maybe a scented massage candle to cleanse and massage daily stress away.
  • Would you like to connect physically with your sweetie in a way other than intercourse? A sensual massage is a wonderful way to do this. Use scented lotions or massage candles and maybe up the ante by using something edible as well.
  • Are you seeking a fun way to initiate your sexual encounters? You should definitely look into body balms, dusts, and paints. Use them as innocently or indecently as you both want, just be sure you have old blankets or sheets you don't mind getting dirty and NEVER put sugar in the vagina.

3. Would you like to improve communication with your mate while having an erotic good time?

  • Are you looking for something that is more subtle than a how-to book? Our couple's games range from simple, scratch card formats to sensual card games to more complex board games that challenge both of you to be more open and loving with each other.
  • Would you rather have something more descriptive that may be referred to in the future? Look into Educational DVDs and Sensual Books that you can keep handy. DVDs generally focus on the sexual side of things, but may also help couples to express themselves more verbally.

4. Make Sure You Have All Your Accessories

Finally, after you've selected the product that you think meets your needs, make sure you have all of the following:

  • Plenty of fresh batteries in the proper size for your battery-operated toy. The description and the box your vibe comes in should say what size is needed.
  • Lubricant. Read about why and how to use lubricant here!
  • Information on how to care for your toy and keep it clean, which can be found in the MyPleasure Guide to Sex Toys.
  • The MyPleasure Customer Service email in case you have questions!

Now that you've found something that you like, enjoy it in good health and great pleasure!

How do I introduce a toy to my lover?

It's not as intimidating as it might seem! For more guidance, please read Introducing Sex Toys Into Your Relationship.

Can I use a sex toy on my girlfriend or wife? If I do, will she not want to have sex with me any more?

Sex toys are great to use in partner play, and you can find more information on introducing a toy into your foreplay in our article, Introducing Sex Toys to Your Relationship. As long as you're attentive and loving to your partner, a vibrator will never replace the intimacy of lovemaking. You have nothing to worry about!

What's a good toy for us to start out with?

It really depends on what you're looking for, what you like and so many more factors! We'd really recommend you start by using our Gift Selector to help guide you to a more personalized product selection.

Should we use lubricant with our toys?

Yes! You should always use lubricant with any sex toy. We recommend using lubricant for all types of sex play.

What type of lubricant should I use?

That depends on what type of sex toy you have! Look for your answer in Lubricant - How Do I Use It With Sex Toys?