Great Beginner Sextoys for Women

10 Beginner Sex Toys for Women

Choosing your first vibrator can be a fun, eye-opening experience. However, it can also be a little intimidating. With so many choices of vibrator types and features, how do you pick the vibe that's right for you? While we can't absolutely answer that question for you, we can definitely point you in the right direction as we review a number of sex toys for beginners. Below we've collected ten customer-favorite vibrators that are simple to use and sure to please. Happy shopping!


Beginners Vibe Pleasure Kit
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1. Beginners Vibe Pleasure Kit

Customer Review: "This was my first experience with toys.... boy am I happy my husband bought this kit as an anniversary gift. We have a great sex life but this takes it to a new level."

My Secret Scarlet
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2. My Secret Scarlet

Customer Review: “An amazing first! Though I've never had trouble helping myself along, this little miracle makes it a million times more intense. And the battery life has been much better than expected; I have yet to change the battery, and it's gotten me through numerous "play dates." If you're a novice to the world of sex toys, this is a great place to begin."

Violet Glow vibrator
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3. Violet Glow

Customer Review: "This is my first toy and absolutely a great one to start with! The Violet Glow is great because of its slender size, adjustable speeds, and its price is just right! "
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4. Aphrodite

Customer Review: "I never would of considered buying a 'sexual enhancer' prior to watching Oprah and hearing Dr. Berman. But after hearing how great it was, I decided it was worth a try. I had never had an orgasm in all my 8 years of marriage. The first day it came in the mail, we used it, and I had my first orgasm! And, I've been having one every time we use it! Love it! "


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5. Athena

Customer Review: "OMG!! You would never think that this little massager would be so powerful. This gives you the best clitoral stimulation. I have multiple orgasms every time I use it. I have other toys and this is no amateur. Excellent choice!"
Water Bunny
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6. Water Bunny

Customer Review: "This was our "first" toy for my boyfriend and me. It's amazing! He has fun controlling it and I couldn't be happier! :) A+"
Dream G
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7. Dream G

Customer Review: "OMG!!! This was everything they said it would be. This is my first vibrator and it was perfect for me. Great for a beginner. Smooth texture, easy to find battery type, and fairly priced."
Fairy Mini Wand
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8. Fairy Mini Wand

Customer Review: “This amazing vibrator puts the Hitachi (with only two speeds)to shame with its variable speed control. I haven't tried it with the battery pack yet, however using the AC adaptor I find pure pleasure setting the control to half speed. The only thing I would change would be a slightly longer cord. It's smaller size makes it easy to maneuver between you and your partner.”
Cyberskin Classic Dildo
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9. Cyberskin Classic Dildo

Customer Review: "I hesitated buying this item, but at the same time felt it might spice up our sex life. After purchasing this dildo I was very surprised how fun it was. I couldn't take it all in, but my husband sure had fun trying. I'm not normally into dildos and rather have the real thing, but boy did I get off. I would recommend this to anyone. Ladies bigger doesn't always mean it's better. This is a perfect size."


Ultimate Exciter
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10. Ultimate Exciter

Customer Review: “I never thought in my entire life that I would ever write a review on a sex toy but I feel compelled to share this information with all woman everywhere. This magnificent creation called the Ultimate Exciter immediately finds and rocks your G-spot, LMNOP-spot, and spots you never knew existed and that's just the 1st speed and there are 9, yes 9 life changing speeds. I am so grateful to whomever created this product. Every woman in the world should have at least one of these! I am so glad I watched Oprah and found out about this great doctor and her website!!!”