Frequently Asked Questions about Sex Lubricants

My Pleasure noticed that you have questions about lubricants.  

My Pleasure has put together a list of FAQ's to answer your lubricant questions.  If your question is not listed here, contact us and we will get this answered for you. 

Should I use a lubricant with my sex toy?
Yes! You should always use lubricant with any sex toy. We recommend using lubricant for all types of sex play.

What type of lubricant should I use?

That depends on what type of sex toy you have! Look for your answer in Lubricant - How Do I Use It With Sex Toys?

Can I use a lubricant underwater?

Silicone Lubricants are great for use underwater. For more information, please read Slippery Sex.

Will I have a reaction to a lubricant?

Though it's unlikely, some people with extreme sensitivities may experience some skin reactions to certain lubricants. If you're extremely sensitive, we'd recommend you look at the ingredient list of lubes before you buy. Try to avoid lubes with glycerin and parabens, avoid lubricants with added ingredients like herbs and extracts, and stay away from any flavored or warming lubricants. Very few people are allergic to high quality silicone lubricants with very few ingredients.

What type of lubricant is best for anal sex?

We recommend a thick water-based lubricant, silicone based lubricant or a good anal lubricant. Though petroleum-base lubricants will also be smooth, they are not condom safe.

What's the deal with flavored lubricants?

Adding a little zing, flavored lubricants are great for oral sex. They are also safe for use during intercourse, but then you don't get to experience the flavor! Keep in mind that many flavored lubricants have sugars to make them taste better, but these can cause yeast infections if used during vaginal intercourse.

How do I clean up my lubricant?

That depends on what type of lubricant you use. Check out our article, Slippery Sex, for more details on specific types of lube.

How much lubricant should I use?

Start out with about a dime's worth in your hand, Then you can determine how much you need. 

Can I use massage oil for lubricant?

We really don't recommend using massage oils as lubricants. Not only will they ruin condoms, but they generally aren't designed for lubrication and may cause reactions, be harder to clean up and wear away faster, resulting in discomfort. However, silicone lubricants can be used for massage as well as sex play.

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