Favorite sextoys for couples

15 Top Toys for Couples:

The Erotic Toys and Sex Accessories Couples Really Love!

You've known it since you were a child: Toys are made for sharing. And now that you're an adult, it's even more important to find some fun adult toys for you and your partner to enjoy together. But what, you might ask, makes a couple's toy? Well, almost anything on our site can be used together with a partner to spice things up. But, based on our customer feedback, there are some items that are particularly well suited for play by two.


These products are tried-and-true enhancements that have received glowing feedback from real couples, just like you. So whether you're introducing sensual aids into your relationship for the very first time or just want to know what the hot, new, must-have toy is, you can rest assured that you're picking a winner.


Vibrating Boy Shorts remote control thong
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1. Vibrating Boy Shorts

Customer Review: "For our 16 year anniversary, I bought these shorts. I bought a separate Remote bullet. My husband really was turned on by the look of these shorts on me. I let him insert and position the bullet. We went to the movies and he gave me jolts during the movie. What a sensation. I was ready for him after the movie. We skipped dinner and went back to the hotel. This item really helps enhance the mood."


Kama Sutra Massage Therapy Kit
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2. Kama Sutra Massage Therapy Kit

Customer Review: "I have tried different types of massage oils, but these are the best. Perfect for travel, as the tops do not leak, unlike many other oils. And nice to have a variety for different types of massage, but pleasure garden is definitely the best! Smells like an exotic orchid garden that I once experienced."


El Toro
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3. El Toro

Customer Review: "Thought we'd give this a try, and we loved it. Thought the wife might pass out from the number of orgasms she had with this. Gave her the remote so she could control the speed and vibration, and she absolutely went wild over it. Absolutely worth the price!"
Jack Rabbit dual-action vibrator

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4. Jack Rabbit

Customer Review: "This toy was everything that I thought it would be and more. This was my first toy, and me and my boyfriend truly enjoyed it. Thank you, MyPleasure, for making this a wonderful experience. "
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5. Nookii

Customer Review: "This game is wonderful. It is a complete package which caters to couples who are ready to do something new, more erotic, romantic and exciting. I highly recommend it to anyone who is a bit apprehensive about introducing aids into the bedroom as this game is not at all intimidating, labor intensive or x-rated. It's just highly sensual and most of all fun!"


Devilish Dolphin hands free stimulator
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6. Devilish Dolphin

Customer Review: "I couldn't believe the climax I got from this cute little dolphin and how quickly (it usually takes me forever, but not with this thing). Definitely one of the best purchases I have ever made!!!"


Our First Bondage Kits
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7. Our First Bondage Kit

Customer Review: "“For the bondage curious, this First Kit has everything you need. The wrist and ankle restraints are comfortable and have Velcro for easy release, but are sturdy enough to be secure. Depending on the face of the wearer, the blindfold may not afford complete blindness, which may well be a good thing for people who are interested in, but a little worried about sensory deprivation. I think this kit is a great, safe way to introduce bondage play into a relationship in need of some spice, or to a partner who has not experienced bondage in the past.” "
Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator
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8. Hitachi Magic Wand

Customer Review: "Holy smokes! What a truly powerful toy. We got a "massager" for our wedding about 10 years ago and it finally wore out. I bought the Hitachi Magic Wand, and my wife was begging for more. We used the G-Spotter, and she had an orgasm in minutes; I even used it for prostate stimulation (check it out in the "Education" tab). It blew my mind. We highly recommend this to ANYONE! It is a little louder than the other one we had, but the moans of my wife quickly drowned it out. We can't wait to explore new things with it soon."
Three Extra Inches Red
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9. Three Extra Inches Red

Customer Review: "This one is a fun change of pace. It's great for both of us. She likes the extra length and girth and I love the feel of the ridges inside. Not to mention the fact that it tugs firmly on my testicles, which really puts me over the edge."
52 weeks naughty nights
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10. 52 Weeks Naughty Nights

Customer Review: "It's a way to get to know your partner better. My boyfriend is more excited than I am to open them, probably because he's been getting real good cards."
Liquid Silk sexual lubricant
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11. Liquid Silk

Customer Review: "My husband and I both absolutely LOVE this stuff. It feels like natural lubricant, and it is soooo silky and smooth! I'd give it more stars if I could!"
Intimate Kiss vibrating tongue
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12. Intimate Kiss

Customer Review: "Oh my goodness! I read the reviews but thought my wife might not feel the same way. Was I ever wrong. This toy produced the most intense orgasm (and very quickly) I have ever seen her have in 12 years. Thanks from both of us!"
Orgasmic Delight Kit
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13. Orgasmic Delight Kit

Customer Review: “This vibe with clitoral stimulation sent my wife over the edge! She had one of the most powerful orgasms I've ever seen her have. Constant clitoral/dolphin contact was a bit too much for her, but switching to a thrusting motion really did the trick. The multi-use probe works fantastic to lube and stretch her out for anal sex -- and it also worked great when she used it on me during oral sex. There was a short in the bullet, but customer service is great. I was amazed to call customer service and have a human being answer the phone!"
Hot Rod
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14. Hot Rod

Customer Review: "This is an awesome toy. My wife went crazy and begs for me to use it. I've never heard her enjoy herself so vocally as she does when we use this. It was even better as different positions were tried. Has improved our sex life a lot, though it was great before."
Kama Sutra Love Liquid
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15. Kama Sutra Love Liquid

Customer Review: "Oh, yes! How can I even describe the satisfaction that I got from using this? My boyfriend and I are extremely pleased with how this turned out. We were just searching for an everyday enhancer, but what we got was a miracle. Thank you so much for this miraculous product!"