FAQ's About Anal Sex Toys

Frequently Asked Questions about Anal Toys

What's a good anal toy for a beginner?
Look through our collection of anal toys for beginners!

How big of an anal toy is safe to use?
For more information on a safer anal play with all sizes, please read our article Introducing Anal Sex.

Should I use lubricant with my anal toy?
Yes! You should always use lubricant with any sex toy. We recommend using lubricant for all types of sex play.

What type of lubricant is best for anal sex?
The best types of lubricant for anal sex are either a thicker, water-based lubricant which will provide extra cushion or a silicone-based lubricant which will last a long time. Though petroleum-based lubricants will also be smooth, they are not condom safe. If you need help relaxing we recommend Relax Anal Lubricant by Clean Stream.  Anal lubes that numb can be dangerous, which is why we choose not to recommend them.

Why aren't all vibrators and dildos good for anal use? Can I use a bullet anally?
For anal use, we recommend using only vibrators and dildos with flared safety bases, such as those shown in our Anal Vibrators and Anal Dildos departments. Using any other toy, such as a vibrating bullet, poses the risk of getting lost.

Will using an anal toy cause damage to my rectum?
It sounds like you might be worried about "stretching," and if that's the case, read what we wrote on that subject.

What is the prostate, and how do I find it?
For complete information on finding and stimulating the male prostate, please read our article, Understanding the Prostate Gland.