Blog Where Do You Fantasize Most Often?

We decided to do a “where do you fantasize” poll with hopes to gain clarity on where people do their fantasizing. We were thrilled to find out that our community has no limits when it comes to daydreaming about sex or using their sex toys.

The hands down Poll winner: “I fantasize all the freakin’ time, everywhere!" (51%) had more than double the next most popular answer!

For you, we recommend a discreet toy for those times when you’ve just gotta have it. Give this Lipstick Vibe from Blush Novelties a try.

The next most popular answer was “before bedtime” (25 %), the perfect hour to wind down and leave the day behind with a little solo play.  We recommend the Apollo Stroker for the guys.

We love to hear that (12%) of you are getting clean while thinking about something dirty. Your 3rd favorite place to fantasize is "in the shower". Try a waterproof (and shower proof) vibe next time you head to the bath.   You can also invite a partner along and make your fantasy a reality.

Finally, many of you (5%) fantasize "in the car" (with your eyes on the road of course). But if you find yourself in the passenger seat, this is a great time to send a sexy text (or sext) telling your partner what you’d like to do next time you’re together or what really turned you on during your last encounter.  

Fantasy is an important part of a healthy, vibrant sex life so we’re happy to hear you’re doing it whenever and wherever your heart desires.