Blog Valentine’s Day Clichés: Out with the Old, in with the New

Whether you love them or hate them—Valentine’s Day traditions always stand the test of time, making their annual debut every February 14th. And although cliché traditions and sappy surprises are absolutely wonderful (i.e. flowers randomly arriving at your workplace)—when it comes to Valentine’s Day, routine is the last thing you should ever want to be.

So rather than sticking to the same old ‘go-to’ ideas, surprise your guy this Valentine’s Day by putting a twist on some of the classic dates he may have up his sleeve this year.

Cliché Number One: The classic ‘dinner and a movie’ date.

Although there is nothing wrong with going out for dinner and a movie, you two could do that literally any other night of the year—so why Feb. 14th? The restaurants are all over booked and sitting in a crowded room full of strangers (not talking) for nearly two hours is not my definition of sexy.  Plus, by the time you two make it back home—will you really be up for making a little bit of V-day magic between the sheets? Therefore, rather than venturing out into the V-day madness with all the other couples, you should surprise him instead.

Plan on leaving work early so you can make it back to the house before he gets there, or if you’re not living together, having him come to your place first on V-day gives you the home field advantage. Then when he gets there, hit him with this: Low lights to set the mood, candles lit, bottle of wine, and dinner at your place (whether it’s something flavorful you made or something sexy like sushi or other finger foods). But here’s the catch: Greet him wearing nothing but lingerie (or of you’re feeling bold this Feb. 14th, go sans clothes).

And as for those dinner reservations he may (or may not) have already made, once he gets a load of this setup—losing the reservation will be the last thing on his mind.

Cliché Number Two: Chocolates and roses.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been with your partner for a few weeks or a few decades—chocolate and flowers are staple items on every guy’s V-day list. But rather than waiting until the 14th to find one of these classics making its way into your living room, you should surprise him with this combo instead.

But (again) here’s the catch: Give him these gifts prior to V-day—whether it be the morning of, a few days before or maybe even a week in advance. Yet rather than gifting them as is, spice it up. Remove the petals from the roses and the chocolates from the box—making a trail from his front door to the bedroom (or wherever you want the final destination to be). And now that you have this empty box of chocolates, utilize it by filling it with things the two of you will use together on Valentine’s Day (i.e. lube, sexy lingerie, sex toys, hand cuffs, erotic films, etc).

Chances are, the two of you may end up testing out the hardware before the 14th—but either way, it’s a win-win.

Cliché Number Three: Post-date sex.

In the long run, sex is sex—so anytime you’re getting any should be a fabulous time. But the only issue with V-Day sex is: It’s so predictable. Many people just assume its taking place at the end of the night (which lets hope it is!), but the excitement and surprise element seems to be nonexistent.

So to put a twist on this routine romp-session, there are two things you can do: Either get to him before he get to you or (option two) really build up the suspense for the big night.

So if you’re siding with option one, why not try pre-date sex (and when I say pre-date, I’m talking a sunrise session). Slip out of bed before he wakes up and prep the bathroom for a morning of fun. Draw a bubble bath (and stock up on some waterproof sex toys), light some candles, pour some champagne (it may be less intense than wine in the a.m.) and maybe even have some massage oils on hand. And if this is all a bit too much for a Tuesday morning, there’s no problem with getting a head start and doing this Sunday. Who knows, maybe it’ll turn into an all day affair.

As for option number two, if you’re looking to build the suspense for the big night—try leaving little (sexy!) hints around the house for him to find, each accompanied with a note. Stash a couple’s sex toy in his underwear draw accompanied by a red bow and a note saying “Feb. 14th?” (or whatever you prefer it to say). Snap some explicit photos of yourself (possible evening rocking some new lingerie) and slip them places you know he’ll find them (his wallet, the bathroom medicine cabinet, his morning paper). Leave handcuffs in the cabinets. Place a pair of panties in his briefcase. —Whatever your heart desires. Do this for about a week and try to hold out on any nookie until the big night—this built up tension will make for one great evening.