Blog The Single's Survival Guide to Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day may be considered the ultimate couples' Holiday—but that doesn’t mean it can’t be just as enjoyable for those who are flying solo.

So if you’re feeling a bit low this holiday season, rather than focusing on the lack of a partner, embrace the fact that you’re independent. Cherish the day and pamper yourself by testing out some of these savvy-suggestions for surviving one of the most cliché holidays of the year.

Stock Up on Necessities. If you’re planning on spending V-day alone, there are a few must-haves that every singleton should stock up on to make this holiday a success:

  • Your favorite food: Whether it be a masterpiece you create for yourself or your favorite type of takeout, take advantage of this special night by treating yourself to your favorite meal. Top it off by picking up a bottle of your favorite wine and settle in for a long relaxing night.
  • Classic forms of entertainment: Make sure to grab a few DVDs, pick up a new magazine, and DVR some of your favorite shows so you can have a handful of different options when it comes to late night entertainment. (But a forewarning—avoiding watching any sad rom-coms. No person should ever screen The Notebook on Valentine’s Day. That’s just a mood killer.)
  • Desserts: If you have a wicked sweet tooth, hit up a local drugstore and stock up on savory sweets. You may not have a Valentine to feed them too—but hey, I consider that a win (more chocolate for you!).

Spoil Yourself. Just because someone isn’t showing up on your doorstep with a dozen roses, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel entitled to receiving a little lovin’ on Valentine’s Day. Treat yourself to something nice this holiday—whether it be a mani/pedi at your favorite salon, a full body rubdown at a spa, or simply splurging on an incredible at-home bubble bath set. Take the time to pamper yourself and reward yourself for all the hard work that you do. Everyone needs a solid time to recharge their batteries, so what better day to show yourself some attention than on V-day.

Pay It Forward. You may not have a significant other to snuggle up with this February 14th, but that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t show the other important people in your life some love.  Doing something thoughtful for someone else (such as sending out cards to the family or surprising a friend with a cup of coffee) not only makes their day, it’s an instant mood-booster for you. Plus, who doesn’t love good karma?

Mingle With Other Singles. What better day of the year to hangout with other singles than on Valentine’s Day, right? But when I say “hangout”—I don’t mean rush off to the nearest match-making event being held in your town (unless that’s what you’re looking for!), I’m suggesting you be the host of this so-called singles get together!

Your theme? Throw a sex toy party.

Create your guest list, round up the drink selection (whether it be wine, coffee, tea, or champagne) and enjoy a carefree night indulging in sex toys. And look at it this way: If all goes well, no one will be going home without a “companion” to spend Valentine’s Day with.