Blog The Leaves of Fall Can Be Sexy!

We are knee deep in autumn now and for those of us who live where the leaves turn color it can be breathtaking to see the beauty in the reds, yellows and oranges. Until they fall off the tree and you have to rake them all up.

There is something about the change of seasons that makes people feel sexy. There is spring when the Earth wakes up again and people start to get out and about after all that snow that makes people more sociable and want to date someone for the next season. A hot summer romance. Those steamy nights where you sweat from something else besides the heat.  Of course there is the obvious benefit to finding ways to heat up your sheets on those cold winter nights.

But what about fall? The forgotten season for sexiness. When the leaves begin to turn things begin to get hectic. Kids go back to school, the holiday rush starts earlier and earlier each year. (Seriously, Christmas decorations in the stores in August?) It is like people skip fall and go straight from summer to winter.

Fall actually offers fantastic opportunities and reasons to get your freak on. Celebrate the kids going back to school by meeting your significant other for a lunch time frolic at home or at a hotel. Child care provided by the Department of Education. Have your own Halloween fun by dressing up in a sexy costume for a private trick or treat. What is your secret costume personality? A naughty nurse? A hot construction worker? A playboy bunny?

There is nothing like the first fire of fall for those who have a fireplace. The first time that autumn chill is in the air enough where you think of building a cozy fire. Grab some wine or hot chocolate and your mate and kiss in front of the fire. Better yet, try a massage in the firelight to get your own fire going.

The earth keeps turning and the seasons keep changing. It is one of the few constants in the universe. Take time to enjoy each season and find ways to make the most of them when it comes to your sex life. Don’t let fall pass you by when there are so many ways to use it for your benefit. We didn't even mention the hotness of boots!

(Image via Wikimedia Commons)