Blog Sex Toys for Men?

Blog Sex Toys for Men?


I have quite a collection of sex toys that either my boyfriend has bought me or that I have bought for myself. Although he is turned on by my use of the toys, he would really like something just for him and has asked me to surprise him with something on several occasions. Any ideas about something that may really increase his pleasure? I'd really like to surprise him soon!


Good for you for being willing to experiment and share! Sex toys can be a wonderful way for couples to spice up their love lives and open communication about all sorts of sexual issues.

Unfortunately, many people (and stores) seem to assume that sex toys are only designed for women, but this just isn't true. Choosing a toy for your boyfriend has a lot to do with what he likes. Although I appreciate you wanting to surprise him, you should have some idea of what he might enjoy or simply buy him a sampler kit. For example, while there are many great products for anal stimulation, some men don't enjoy these sensations. In reality, there are a host of products that men can enjoy -- everything from pumps and sleeves to cock rings and prostate stimulators.

A great idea would be for the two of you to explore our Men's Toys department. We carry a variety of vibrating, pulsating pleasure toys in addition to those above that may be used solo or with your partner.

Happy explorations!

Dr. Sandor Gardos