Blog Sex Position of the Month - October

Ready to try new sexy positions? Let's get Freeky with the Wheelbarrow

Of course you are! Missionary can get boring really fast, which is why you need options. Here’s a new position you definitely need to add to your sexual life for some much needed variety:

The Wheelbarrow

If you’re looking to spice up your sex life and challenge your sexual skills at the same time, the wheelbarrow sexual position might be fun to try and conquer. But know that it’s definitely not for the weak! You’ll need some serious skills to master this tough sexual position, but if you do, you’ll be a true master!

Many think of the wheelbarrow as more of a test of strength than fun, which is why you should attempt it with someone who is game and is willing to put in some work. It’s definitely not a position to try and do with someone you’ve just met because of its difficulty.

So if you’re truly ready to conquer a new sexual position, the wheelbarrow is the position for you! Don’t be scared, everyone should try the wheelbarrow at least once in their lives, just be mentally prepared for what it takes to do.

To do this position, make sure that you’ve put in some good foreplay since it might be hard to really orgasm from this if it’s your first time. You’ll want to make sure things are nice and wet and that you’ve warmed up before you attempt the wheelbarrow.

The position, obviously, takes its name from the tool that you’d use in the yard to lug things around and you’ll be using the same technique. The receiver will need to bend forward towards the floor, with much of their weight on their arms and hands that will be extended and touching the ground. For those who perform yoga, think of it as a downward dog position, but instead of your feet touching the floor, your partner will be carrying your legs as they would the handles of a wheelbarrow. Your partner’s legs will be standing right in between yours and hold them while you walk forward to secure your position and then they’ll do all the work behind you. They’ll grab your body and pull it in towards them and will be the one gyrating so that you can simply concentrate on staying upright and hopefully climaxing!

When in the wheelbarrow position, you’ll find that your arms and hands will tire fast, which is why many women aren’t too keen on doing it. And it does take a look of work to do even for the penetrator since they have to hold your legs up and penetrate you at the same time. Thrusting in and out can be tiring and you’ll both find it hard to keep balance. To help carry your weight in this awkward position, you can squeeze your legs around your partner. Also be vocal of how tired you are and if you can’t hold on any longer so that your partner knows to stop and move into something else.

If you’re really up for a challenge, you can also use anal toys while your partner is penetrating you to up the ante of your sexual play! But before you include any butt plugs or anal beads into play, make sure you master the essentials of this sexual move!