Blog Sex Position of The Month - Missionary Style

When you think of sex, what’s the first position that comes to mind? Many might say Missionary since it’s the most basic position out there. It’s everybody’s go-to move for sexual pleasure and most likely the one you use the most because it’s so easy to do! You simply have the gal lie on her back on any flat surface, while the guy gets on top of her and gyrates his hips as he penetrates her from the front. Here are some great variations to the oldie-but-goodie:

Use a Pillow or a Position Cushion

To really get deeper penetration, use a pillow or a position pillow to raise your butt so that when he thrusts into you, his member really goes in to reach your G-spot.

Squeeze it Tight

Really stimulate her vagina by having her squeeze her legs together tight so that your shaft can touch up against her clit more. This way, she’s more likely to orgasm faster.

Boost intimacy

Missionary can be a very intimate position since you are facing each other. To boost intimacy while in this position, really wrap your arms around each other and pull your bodies in closer. Also make eye contact and hold each other’s gaze to note emotional reactions. And since you’re face-to-face, use this opportunity to kiss more and have a hot and steamy make-out session with your partner!

Blog Sex Position of The Month - Missionary StyleBondage

Try some bondage techniques by using a silk sash or a tie to bind your lover’s hands and feet as you get penetrated deeply. Also try using a blindfold the next time you decide to get a little freaky. Not being able to see or use one’s hands can really elevate sex since you’re not in control.


Ladies, give your man some taps on his butt while you’re getting penetrated to let him know how turned on he’s getting you!

Use Toys

Missionary can be fun on its own, but if you want something hotter, use some toys! A vibrator on your Blog Sex Position of The Month - Missionary Styleclit while he thrusts can give you a serious orgasm that will have you begging for more! The Doc Johnson Tryst Multi-erogenous Zone Silicone Massager provides limitless pleasure and is designed for both men and women, making Missionary better for the both of you. A guy can wear it around his penis as a solo vibrator or partner pleasing C-ring. Or use its firm, but flexible, arms to stimulate the clit and nipples. It features three powerful motors and seven different massage patterns, as well as a separate arm and base controls. It’s water-resistant so you can easily use it for show sex and is made from phthalate-free, body-safe silicone. Missionary will never be the same once you use the Viben Silicone Massager!

However, because it’s so easy and basic, you probably use it all the time and that can get very boring. You might even be tempted to stop using it, but all you have to do is just spice up and turn up the heat on the classic sex position that everyone uses.