Blog Secretly Sexy

On one episode of Absolutely Fabulous, Edina asks Patsy “What do you see when you look in the mirror?” “Me looking fabulous,” she replies.

Oh, to always feel like Patsy! But no matter how gorgeous we may be there are some days we all feel like frumpy, dumpy and grumpy and no, those are not three decidedly unattractive dwarves. A little water retention here, an upcoming high school reunion there, long sedentary hours at work or study and anyone could start to feel like a Jello-O mold. Those days can make us feel very unsexy, indeed.

Those are definitely not the times when you want to slip into something skimpy, lacy, or form-fitting…yet that might be exactly the right time to do it. It might feel counter intuitive, but you may discover that frowziness can just become habit and slipping into the ensemble of a bombshell can remind you that, under those sweat pants, you are one.

I once had a friend who would go to work at her office job in the kind of lingerie most of us save for a night of seduction – black stockings with garter belts, lace panties and push-‘em up bras. Single at the time, she was the only person who was going to see her gorgeous body in her fancy lingerie, but having herself as an audience was enough. It made her feel sexy, gave her a bubbly rush, and she walked around looking as self-assured on the outside as someone wearing such gear ought to feel….so she was kind of armed to seduce the world all the time.

I tried the trick myself once after a long period of frowse (I work at home which allows one to live in pajamas if one likes and eventually look it). It worked. Getting made up to do routine things or wearing my black seamed stockings instead of going bare-legged was a marvelous morale boost. It made me feel more exciting and excitable and made those sweats seem like a comfy choice – not an inevitability.

Next time you’re feeling like you need a little sartorial pick-me-up it’s certainly worth the few minutes it takes to try on this idea of secret sexiness. You don’t have to go full-blown Moulin-Rouge. MyPleasure’s new Baci line of lingerie has some sweet-and-discreet items no one has to know about but you. The feeling of a slinky pink leopard bra strap on your shoulder, daring to wear fishnet stockings to a cocktail party or enjoying the turn-on of crotchless lace panties with a skirt can be a small, private pleasure that makes you feel more like your seductive self.

But be warned you may feel sexy enough to show them off to someone else.