We think you should be doing it all the time, but May is the specific month when we celebrate masturbation in hopes of trying to normalize it. Good Vibrations, a feminist sex shop based out of San Francisco, started Masturbation month back in 1995 in response to the firing of Jocelyn Elders, surgeon general under the Clinton administration, for suggesting that we teach children about masturbation in school because it is the safest form of sex.

Masturbation is a healthy, normal activity that should not be shamed, but enjoyed. Help to normalize self-pleasuring by being open about masturbation with those you care about. Teach your children that it is a healthy activity that is best done in private. And above all, have fun when you masturbate. Just like sex with a longterm partner, masturbation can sometimes use a little spicing up as well. Re-discover yourself and your turn-ons.