Blog Laughing Orgasms


When I make love, I often start to laugh in the middle of my orgasm. I can't help it. It is slightly unnerving to my boyfriend though. He has never seen this before. Is this normal or are we doing something wrong?


No, you are not doing anything wrong. Many women laugh or even cry during or after orgasm. Orgasm can release tremendous emotions during this time of enormous physical release. Orgasm is also a short period of time during which we are often at our most vulnerable. This can lead to all sorts of feelings rushing out. Because men are taught in our society to suppress emotions more than women, it is less common for guys -- but it can happen nonetheless.

It is also possible that you are simply becoming enormously ticklish right after orgasm, which is very common for both men and women. Even the slightest touch can be downright uncomfortable due to this sensitivity.

Basically, you can reassure him by explaining that this is only occurring because you are having such an intense orgasm. If it was a little hiccup you barely noticed, I doubt you would be laughing your head off!

Dr. Sandor Gardos