Anal Toy Guide: Buying Anal Sex Toys & Vibrating Anal Toys


Anal Toy Buyer's Guide

Anal Toy -- A sex toy created specifically for anal use; may take the form of a vibratordildo, or any other of anal toys, including anal plugs and anal beads.  All anal toys will have flared or extra-long base to ensure they do not travel too far into the rectum and may be made of any material. Often these types of anal toys will feature a curved tip for prostate stimulation in men. Anal beads are groupings of sphere-shaped beads strung together (some may be attached to a battery pack for vibration) and can be used during climax by pulling out bead by bead to enhance orgasm. These should be made of one continuous, sturdy strand of material with an easy-to-grip handle on one end. These, too, may be made of any material, with jelly and latex being the most popular.

How To Select an Anal Toy

We know selecting an anal toy can be a daunting experience. Fortunately, if you answer three simple questions, it's easy!

  1. Results: What do you want this toy to do for you (or your partner)?
  • Are you a first-time anal explorer? Then you definitely want something small, smooth and probably non-vibrating. Also, be sure it has a flanged safety base or a long enough handle to ensure a no-slip grip.
  • Have you used anal toys before and now want a different sensation? Try anal beads or a dual-action strap-on vibrator for hands-free use.
  • Want a toy for use with a partner? Try something harness-compatible.
  • Do you want to explore prostate stimulation? Look for a toy with a pronounced curve at the end. Many G-Spot toys may be used for this purpose, but make sure they're long enough to hang onto and that they have a safety base before you use them anally!
  1. Materials: What do you want this toy to feel like?
  • Do you want something that's more pliable? Then you definitely want something made of siliconejelly, or a realistic material.
  • Are you more interested in different shapes and specific spot stimulation? An acrylic or glass plug may be good for you. Available in a variety of size and shapes.
  • Is something that most resembles a penis what you really crave? Look for traditional or lifelike toys. Many are actually molded from the real thing!
  • Do you want a toy that is body healthy and can be sterilized? Try toys made from silicone or glass. They're more expensive, but will last a lot longer and are better for you.
  1. Size: Do you want smaller than average, average or something extra-long?
  • Are you just beginning to experiment with anal toys? Then you'll probably want to start with a smallsmooth dildo or graduated anal beads that allow you to start with the smallest bead and work your way up.
  • Have you had some experience with anal toys and want something a little larger, or maybe with some texture? Look into anal plugs, as they often come in a variety of sizes, many with veining detail or pleasure nubs. Some anal plugs also expand to any size you choose.
  • Is a feeling of fullness most gratifying to you? There are many anal vibrators and dildosthat are longer than average. Again, be sure that these have some sort of safety base or handle and that you check the length. What may be average for some people may not be the same for you!

Make Sure You Have All Your Accessories

Once you've found the toy of your dreams, ensure you have all the following:

  • Plenty of fresh batteries in the proper size for your battery-operated toy. The description and vibe's box should say what size is needed.
  • Lubricant, lubricant, lubricant. As the anus does not produce any natural lubrication, it is especially important you use lubricant for anal toys. You may also want to look for a thicker, water-based lubricant. Read more about why and how to use lubricant here!
  • Information on how to care for your toy and keep it clean, which can be found in the MyPleasure Guide to Sex Toys.
  • The MyPleasure Customer Service email in case you have questions!

Now that you've found a toy that you like, enjoy it in good health and great pleasure!

First Time Buyer Suggestions for Anal Toys

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