All about Penis Extenders and Making Your Penis Larger

Penis Extenders: Toys For Increasing Your - Size And Their Satisfaction

Whether you have difficulties with erections or simply want to experiment with size, there are several choices for enhancing your penis size and your partner's sexual experience. Here we explore the world of penis extension and prosthetic penis attachments (PPAs).

Extenders and PPAs are both devices that are worn over the penis during intercourse for increased sensation, using increased size, a pleasurable texture, or both. Both extenders and PPAs (prosthetic penis attachments) are hollow, penis-shaped dildos that fit over your own penis. They are used to increase the length or width of your penis or to sustain or simulate an erection.

Designed to fit over an already-erect penis and add size, girth, and a "solid" feel, an extender is typically made of jelly or a clinging material like CyberskinTM, which reduces the chances of it sliding off during use. Most extenders have a solid tip and hollow, flexible shaft. To use an extender, slide the hollow shaft onto the penis until the solid end of the extender fits snugly against the end of the penis. A perfect example would be our best selling Three Extra Inches extender.

Prosthetic Penis Attachments
Designed to simulate an erect penis, the prosthetic penis attachment, commonly known as a PPA, fits over a non-erect penis and straps onto the wearer, so that the non-erect penis rests inside the hollow section. PPAs come in particularly handy for men with erectile dysfunction who use them to help simulate the thrusting that accompanies traditional intercourse.

Common Questions
Should I use lubricant with my extender or PPA?
Yes! You should always use lubricant with any sex toy. In fact, we recommend using lubricant whether with a sex toy, during intercourse or for any sort of masturbation. For help choosing what type of lube to use, read Lubricant - How Do I Use It With Sex Toys?

How do I put on my extender?
First, apply a drop of water-based lubricant to your penis and into the opening of the extender. Be sure you don't use too much or you'll end up sliding around in it during intercourse. Get the tip of the penis as close to the end of the extender as possible to avoid having your extender bend or angle during intercourse. However, make sure the tip of the penis isn't pushed too far against the end of the extender or it might be uncomfortable.
When using an extender, you'll need to use some intuition. Only you will know when you feel comfortable inside the extender and when it feels very secure. It may take some adjusting the first time, so be patient and go slowly until you're sure your extender is on just the way you want it.

What do I do if my extender is too long?
If the extender is too long, you can easily trim the toy to fit your penis better. It's really quite easy! Slip it on and use a felt-tip marker to mark the spot where you'd like to trim the extender. Remove, then cut it to the desired length with a pair of strong scissors. If your extender has a testicle strap, you'll need to remove it entirely.

Will an extender or PPA come off inside my partner?
It shouldn't if you keep the straps tight enough, but if you're concerned about this, we'd recommend using a harness.

Are there any extenders that work with a non-erect penis?
Many men have reported that several of our extenders will also work well with a non-erect penis, specifically the Three Extra Inches. However, we must stress one thing: These products were intended for use with an erect penis and may not provide the result you were looking for when used on a non-erect penis.

How can I make my penis bigger?
You can create minor size and stamina increases in your penis with either a pump or an erection ring. However, these results are only temporary. For more information, please read the MyPleasure Guide to Sex Toys on Penis Extenders.

What are other options for men with erectile dysfunction?
If you have trouble achieving an erection, a pump might help, and if it is difficult to maintain an erection, then an erection ring might be the answer. Also, be sure to check out our articles on varieties and causes, and diagnosis and treatment.