Adding Sexual Variety

A group of male and female college students were shown the same sexually explicit video daily for four days. Most of them were turned on the first time they saw the video. But by the third day, their reactions were muted. By the fourth day, some of them were bored. On the fifth day, a new video was shown to the students -- the same actors but included new sexual techniques and positions.  Arousal soared, to the same level as day one.

Do human beings need variation in their sex lives? Yes.  Regardless if you have one partner or 100,  keeping your sex life interesting by adding sexual variety into the bedroom.  By doing this, you will continue to be more passionate about sex.  There are many ways that you can add variety -- positions, sex toys, location, and more (don't worry, we'll get to it all in a minute!). But one thing that most couples forget to consider, according to Pat Love, the author of Hot Monogamy, is varying their lovemaking style. That is, changing the amount of time and effort devoted to your sexual encounters.

Love suggests having three or four distinct forms of lovemaking in your repertoire. One could be the quickie -- a short, uninvolved encounter to take care of either your or your partner's needs. Another could be the standard -- 15 to 30 sessions in the bedroom with the goal of both partners having orgasms. Yet another could be the adventurous romance, where you completely change your habits and add some risk and playfulness to the sexual experience. Alternating between the three styles will remind you that there are oh, so many ways to have sex, and it most definitely doesn't have to be the same every time.

Most of us are familiar with the standard lovemaking, and many of us are also adept at quickies -- when we remember that it's okay to have them every once in awhile. But we could all use a little help with the sexual adventure. You'd be amazed at what the human body can do! And if you're in shape, creative, and flexible, you can really pull off some incredible sexual feats.

Have you ever heard of the Position Master by Pipedream Products?    This inflatable wedge can change up sexual positions without the pain or discomfort of being in awkward positions.   While this may sound a bit silly, it's actually a useful tool for you to get new ideas and witness the incredible diversity of sexual positions.


By Deb Levine, M.A.

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