Try the following to enhance your oral play repertoire:
When your tongue gets tired of flicking and licking her “love button”, try using a clitoral stimulator as a stand-in. A bullet vibrator works best, giving you lots of room to continue stimulating the rest of her vulva with your mouth and/or fingers.
Some women enjoy vaginal or anal penetration while having their clitoris stimulated. As mentioned above, you can try inserting a finger or two to stimulate her internally. Next time, try inserting a well lubricated small sex toy that vibrates. Some even have a special curved tip ideal for G-Spot stimulation.  The buzzing sensation along with your stimulation is sure to drive your partner wild with pleasure.  More Sex Tips >>>

Finally, try using some Sex Tarts (for your benefit) or a warming lube (for her pleasure).

Remember that everyone’s body is different. What one woman loves, another woman hates. Talk to your partner about what she likes and dislikes. The more comfortable you are discussing cunnilingus, the more you’ll enjoy performing it–but the best way to excel at cunnilingus is lots of practice. Fortunately, your partner should be more than happy to help out.


With Pleasure,