How to Choose a Clitoral Stimulator

Clitoral Stimulator - A device designed specifically to excite the clitoris. Can be found in a number of forms, such as a strap-on stimulator (generally shaped like a butterfly or cute animal, where the body nestles in the labia and the antennae or "nose" vibrates against the clitoris), a pocket rocket (any small, hand-held vibrator that is non-phallic, non-insertable and has massaging nodules on the head) or vibrating bullet (a small plastic or metal vibrator that is missile-shaped and may or may not be attached by a cord to a battery pack). Can also refer to any protrusion on a vibrator or erection ring that is located near the base where it can vibrate or rub against the clitoris.


We know how overwhelming selecting a clitoral stimulator can be. Fortunately, if you answer three questions, it's easy

1. Results: What do you want this toy to do for you (or her)?

2. Materials: What do you want this toy to feel like?

  • Do you want something softer, with more diffuse vibration? Then you want a stimulator made of jelly, rubber or silicone.
  • Have you been looking for a clitoral toy that you can use in the water? Then a waterproof toy is best. Some wireless bullets and pocket rockets have rubber-sealed battery compartments, making them appropriate for water use.
  • Do you prefer something that transmits a stronger vibration? Generally something made of plastic or metal (slimlines, pocket rockets, vibrating bullets) will have stronger vibration. But the strongest kind tend to be wand styles that are rechargeable or plug into an electrical outlet. Strong vibes can also numb. To avoid this, look for toys that pulsate or oscillate. Many rigid vibes come with soft sleeves, which may diffuse vibration slightly, but be more comfortable.

3. Size: Do you want something more discreet or is performance the most important issue?

  • Are you looking for something that's easy to travel with? Then a pocket rocket is your best bet. Not only are these small and cordless, but most look fairly innocent, so accidental exposure won't make for embarrassing moments.
  • Do you want something tiny that packs a big punch? Look into vibrating bullets and micro-bullets. Not only do these transmit vibrations extremely well, but many have pulsatronic controllers to stave off numbness.
  • Is comfort most important to you? Definitely think about wearable stimulators; all come in a variety of sizes and levels of discreetness.

Make Sure You Have All Your Accessories

Finally, after you've selected the product that you think meets your needs, make sure you have all of the following:

  • Plenty of fresh batteries in the proper size for your battery-operated toy. The description and the box your vibe comes in should say what size is needed.
  • Lubricant, lubricant, lubricant. There are many different kinds at many different prices. Read about why and how to use lubricant here!
  • The MyPleasure Customer Service email in case you have questions!

Now that you've found a toy that you like, enjoy it in good health and great pleasure!

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While orgasms will vary from woman to woman, most women do reach orgasm most easily through clitoral stimulation.

What's the best clitoral stimulator for intense stimulation?
For really powerful clitoral stimulation we recommend strong bullet vibes and wand vibrators.

What's your most gentle clitoral stimulator?

For entirely gentle vibrations for those just starting to experiment with clitoral vibration, we'd recommend the Her Pleasure Vibrating Finger Massager.

Should I use lubricant with my clitoral stimulator?

Yes! You should always use lubricant with any sex toy. We recommend using lubricant for all types of sex play.

What type of lubricant should I use?

That depends on what type of sex toy you have! Look for your answer in Lubricant - How Do I Use It With Sex Toys?

Can I use my clitoral stimulator during intercourse?

The best clitoral stimulators to use during intercourse are small enough to fit between two bodies, even better if they have a handle. Although, if you love it enough, even a larger vibrator can be used if you get creative with positioning. We also recommend a vibrating erection ring.

What about something that offers direct clitoral stimulation while I'm pleasuring her orally?

We'd recommend the Ling-O micro bullet. It's powerful, and it's tiny enough to position with your tongue!

Will my clitoral stimulator be noisy?

It all depends on the vibrator you buy and your definition of noisy! For more information, please read our Bulletin From the Bedroom, Oh No! My Vibrator is Too Loud. But for the quietest most powerful vibe try the Alia.