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Thor was the movie to see last weekend and with the god of thunder getting so much of it it’s hard not to think about the goddesses. None of them have their very own blockbuster as far as I know (they got bit parts in Clash of the Titans but that’s it) yet there are so many from cultures throughout time there are a million stories to chose from. Here are just a few, along with their main traits. to help you think about who your inner goddess might be.

Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of Love

You’re a romantic, a matchmaker and your passion is strong enough to drop any Superhero. Still – goddesses have boundaries and when you mess with Aphrodite you get the horns – literally. When Pasiphae failed to give Aphrodite the proper homage, the goddess caused her to fall in love with a bull (though some say Poseidon was the god who cursed her).

Ninasi, Sumarian Goddess of Alcohol

“It’s five o’clock somewhere in the world…” so says the Queen of Happy Hour. You’re the one who reminds everyone when to lighten up, not to take things so seriously and enjoy life a little. This isn’t to say you can’t control your intake – just that you’re good at sharing your celebratory spirit and your recipe for white chocolate martinis.

Athena, Greek Goddess of Wisdom

Wise, strategic and inventive, you’re not the one to go to when people need a shoulder to cry on, but when they actually need to figure out how to fix what they’re upset about. Athena was also a warrior goddess, big on justice and not scared of confrontation. You’re an excellent advocate but it’s never just talk: there’s always a plan of action and a sense of direction.

Laka, Hawaiian Goddess of the Hula Dance

Laka rules many things but one charming tale about her tells of her going from island to island sharing the spiritual, narrative dance, the hula. If you dance while you’re driving the car, can’t help shimmying and hip bumping to every good beat on the radio and can’t wait to hit the dance floor, go for it -  you’re elevating everyone you get to join in. Dance gets those uplifting endorphins and pheromones going, so by all means, shake your groove thing.

Elpis, also called Spes, the Roman Goddess of Hope

When Pandora’s curiosity moved her to open the famous box that let loose all the evils in the world, Elpis the spirit of hope, stayed to help humanity. You’re the person that can find the good in any situation, and not in a blithe, shallow way but with authentically positive perspective that can help people believe in and act on your good ideas.

There are so many better- and lesser- known goddesses and a simple internet search can open a world of knowledge about the gifts numerous cultures believed them to give to humanity.

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Blog What’s Your Goddess Identity?

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