Blog The Booty Bra

It's been said that necessity is the mother of invention and in Karin Hart's case, the necessity was a butt lift.  Having lost quite a bit of weight, her booty wasn’t quite standing at attention as it once had. Tackling the situation directly –with self-adhesive tape strategically placed until everything looked as alert as she wanted it – Hart, a Ph.D psychologist, had just unwittingly invented the prototype Biniki, or in simpler terms, a booty bra. According to her company website women at her health club saw what she was up to expressed interest in this potential new product. Hart saw an opportunity for all women to put their sagging butts behind them.

Today the Biniki, as Hart dubbed her invention, has evolved a bit with adjustable straps taking over the role of the tape but the basic premise is the same: smoother thighs, a boost for the smaller-bootied among us, and a higher, perkier heinie without a ton of tourniquet-like material around your midsection and without the cost of a butt augmentation which according to can range from $8,000 to $18,000..

The Biniki, by contrast, might not actually allow you to go nude but the money you’d save might be worth it – the standard model costs only $29.95. It also comes in a thong and a “mankini” for the guys, with a picture for a perfectly framed and nicely elevated male booty that’s a welcome sight for any girl’s weary eyes. Actually from the back they look a little bit like a jock strap – same framing, embracing kind of thing going on but without the bulk of chaps. Actually if you felt a little kinky it could potentially double as fetish lingerie.

Because my butt sticks out like a bay window I’ll likely invest in a Biniki one of these days– maybe two for extra reinforcement. Thankfully it’s still outrunning gravity by a short leap: if anything this big falls to the ground in Florida, where I live, it could easily create a sinkhole situation. Nice to know there’s a clever, smoothing, lifting alternative to both surgery and sag acceptance out there.