Blog Slippery Slope: Sex in the Shower Popular Alternative to the Bedroom

A recent MyPleasure poll found that when some people venture outside the bedroom, they’re getting all wet, in the shower that is:

It’s common for couples to complain that their sex lives have stagnated so taking it outside the bedroom might be just what the doctor ordered.

We all get into our sex routines: brush teeth, climb in bed, watch Letterman, have sex but get back to Letterman in time so you don’t miss his first guest.

Making small, simple variations to our sex routines (i.e. new location) yields surprising results. Think you need to log 7 days in Bali on a tropical beach to revamp your sex life? Think again. Just mixing up the time and place can reignite the dormant flame.

So, why not jump start your sex life in the car, especially if the last time you did it in the back seat was at the senior prom. Channel that teenage excitement of pure unbridled passion and let’s not forget the lust.

Changing location is one of those sex tips that’s easy to implement, because, hey, you’re going to shower at some point, why not invite your partner along? And as long as you're heading that way, bring along some water-proof sex toys for the ride.

It’s fun to mix it up, take a look around your house, by all means, improvise, when was the last time you really used the pool table anyway?